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Lomachenko vs Crolla: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

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Vasiliy Lomachenko and Anthony Crolla meet in tonight’s ESPN+ main event.

Top Rank

Vasiliy Lomachenko defends his WBO and WBA lighweight titles tonight at Staples Center in Los Angeles, facing Anthony Crolla in the main event of a Top Rank card, which will stream live in its entirety on ESPN+.

The main card starts at 11 pm ET, with prelims beginning at 8 pm ET.

Lomachenko (12-1, 9 KO) is the prohibitive favorite in this fight, with Crolla (34-6-3, 13 KO) given no real chance by anyone. But Crolla has fought his way here as the WBA mandatory challenger, and the always-game scrapper can be expected to give his all against one of the sport’s top pound-for-pound fighters.

In the co-feature, super middleweight titleholder Gilberto Ramirez (39-0, 25 KO) steps up to 175 pounds for a 10-round fight with former title challenger Tommy Karpency (29-6-1, 18 KO). If things go well for Ramirez, he could stay at 175 for bigger opportunities, though promoter Bob Arum is at least giving lip service to him fighting Callum Smith at 168.

Wil Esco will be on the round-by-round call tonight.

Here’s the prelim lineup:

  • Arnold Barboza Jr (20-0, 7 KO) vs Mike Alvarado (40-4, 28 KO), junior welterweights, 10 rounds
  • Alexander Besputin (12-0, 9 KO) vs Alfredo Blanco (20-7, 11 KO), welterweights, 10 rounds
  • Janibek Alimkhanuly (5-0, 2 KO) vs Cristian Olivas (16-4, 13 KO), middleweights, 10 rounds
  • Guido Vianello (2-0, 2 KO) vs Lawrence Gabriel (3-1-1, 2 KO), heavyweights, 6 rounds
  • Ruben Rodriguez (5-0, 2 KO) vs Ramel Snegur (3-3-1, 2 KO), welterweights, 6 rounds
  • Christopher Zavala (3-0, 2 KO) vs Sergio Antonio Gonzalez (2-2, 1 KO), super featherweights, 4 rounds
  • Elvis Rodriguez (1-0, 1 KO) vs Kevin Alfonso Luna (1-2, 1 KO), junior welterweights, 4 rounds





Round 1: Lomachenko comes out with a feint and Crolla is very reactive to Lomachenko’s movement. Crolla bounces laterally and finds himself on the ropes, Lomachenko takes a jab at the body. Lomachenko stalks Crolla and lets go a left hand to the body. Lomachenko presses forward behind a jab and then clips Crolla with a short right hook. Crolla falls short on a right hand. Hard right hook to the body lands for Lomachenko. Another grazing right hook lands for Lomachenko before the bell. Lomachenko 10-9.

Round 2: Both fighters come out jockeying for position with their jabs. Crolla falls short on another right hand. Lomachenko touches Crolla with a couple of shots and Crolla moves around the ring. Jab lands for Lomachenko with Crolla on the ropes. Now Crolla lands a right hand to the body. Lomachenko steps away from a Crolla shot and then Lomachenko comes back and lands a hard one of his own. Another clean shot lands for Lomachenko and Crolla is just covering up along the ropes. He looks totally out of his depths. Lomachenko 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Straight left hand lands to the body for Lomachenko. Lomachenko proves iwth a few shots and then lands a clean combination to the head, rattling Crolla. Lomachenko side steps Crolla and touches him with a couple more punches. Straight left lands to the body again gor Lomachenko. Four jabs come from Lomachenko as he backs Crolla up to the ropes again. Jab to the body followed bu a left upstairs lands for Lomachenko. Now Lomachenko throws a barrage of punches as Crolla covers up on the ropes and the referee calls it a technical knockdown. Lomachenko jumps on the ropes thinking he called a TKO until the referee tells him it wasn’t. Lomachenko 10-8.

Round 4: Lomachenko comes out on the attack to start the round and presses Crolla to the ropes and picks up where he left off, strafing Crolla with shots from every direction. Right hook from Lomachenko wrecks Crolla’s head and Crolla crumbles to the canvas in brutal fashion! It’s over! Lomachenko TKO-4.


Round 1: Ramirez measures a jab and lands a left to the body. Karpency tries to time a counter left upstairs but takes a short combination from Ramirez in return. Hard right hook lands to the body for Ramirez on the inside. Both fighters get to middle range at center ring and Karpency throws a few ineffective punches. Ramirez partially lands a jab at the end of a combination. Now Karpency lands a nice shot around Ramirez’s guard. Clean jabs lands for Ramirez, then Ramirez follows it up with a solid combination. Karpency presses Ramirez to the ropes but doesn’t get a chance to land anything. Ramirez 10-9.

Round 2: Ramirez falls short on a jab but partially lands a right uppercut to the body at the end of a follow up combination. Karpency throws a left hand that just misses. Ramirez comes back with a few more shots that make solid contact on Karpency. Now Karpency lands a left hand between Ramirez’s guard. Hard straight left lands to the body for Ramirez, then a hard jab just moments later. Ramirez is landing early and often on Karpency. Karpency lands a counter a Ramirez tries to pour it on. Ramirez presses forward and misses on a straight left hand. Now Ramirez lands a right hand upstairs. Ramirez 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Ramirez comes out with a combination that immediately puts Karpency on the defensive. Ramirez feints and lands a right hand lead. Karpency ducks a short combination from Ramirez, then lands a check right hook. Another right hand lands for Karpency as Ramirez presses forward. Straight left hand glances off Karpency’s guard. Ramirez steps forward and throws another combination, then follows it up with a few more punches. Ramirez is clearly outworking Karpency in this fight. Lead right hand from Ramirez knocks Karpency back off balance. Three-punch combination goes to the body from Ramirez. Ramirez 10-9.

Round 4: Ramirez kicks off the action with a couple of jabs as Karpency hides behind a tight guard. Hard jab lands clean on Karpency’s face. THree more punches come from Ramirez and Karpency holds his gloves against his head. Left hand lands to the body for Ramirez, who then lands a right hook upstairs to end another combination. Karpency lands a grazing left hand himself but takes some more punishment for the trouble. Straight left lands to the body for Ramirez. Karpency is basically target practice here. Ramirez 10-9, 40-36.

Karpency decides not to want to continue between rounds. Ramirez TKO-4.