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Shields vs Hammer: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

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Claressa Shields and Christina Hammer unify the middleweight division tonight on Showtime.

Stephanie Trapp/SHOWTIME

Claressa Shields and Christina Hammer are set for one of the bigger events in women’s boxing history, as the two titleholders meet to fully unify the middleweight division in tonight’s Showtime main event.

The Showtime broadcast begins at 9:10 pm ET, with prelim fights streaming on Facebook FightNight Live starting at 6 pm ET.

Shields (8-0, 2 KO) has dominated thus far as a pro, picking up right where she left off as a two-time Olympic gold medalist in the amateur ranks. Hammer (24-0, 11 KO) is definitely her most significant test to date, though, and has held her WBO title since 2011.

The Showtime portion of the event will also feature a pair of heavyweight fights. Jermaine Franklin (17-0, 13 KO) will face Rydell Booker (25-1, 12 KO) in one, while Otto Wallin (20-0, 13 KO) takes on Nick Kisner (21-4-1, 6 KO) in the other.

Wil Esco will be on the call this evening.

Here’s what will be on the Facebook prelim show, featuring another women’s world title fight:

  • Elena Gradinar (9-0, 2 KO) vs Brenda Karen Carabajal (15-4-1, 9 KO), featherweights, 10 rounds
  • Ja’Rico O’Quinn (11-0-1, 8 KO) vs Vicente Alfaro Martinez (9-4, 3 KO), super flyweights, 8 rounds
  • Samuel Peter (37-6, 30 KO) vs Mario Heredia (15-6-1, 13 KO), heavyweights, 8 rounds
  • Jesse Angel Hernandez (12-2, 7 KO) vs Marcus Bates (8-1-1, 7 KO), super bantamweights, 8 rounds
  • Isiah Seldon (12-2-1, 4 KO) vs Bryan Goldsby (5-9, 0 KO), middleweights, 6 rounds


  • CLARESSA SHIELDS def. CHRISTINA HAMMER by UD (98-92, 98-92, 98-92)
  • JERMAINE FRANKLIN def. RYDELL BOOKER by UD (99-91, 98-92, 98-92)
  • OTTO WALLIN and NICK KISNER ruled a no decision (fight stopped after Round 1)



Round 1: Hammer comes out to center ring but Shields throws the first jab that doesn’t find the target. Hammer throws two jabs that fall just short. Hammer presses SHields towards the ropes and gets in a grazing right hand. Hamer misses on a straight right hand this time. Sheidls misses on a right hand to the body. Three jabs come from Hammer. Hammer throws a few more jabs and Shields tries to counter but doesn’t land it clean. Hammer 10-9.

Round 2: Shields lands a clean left hand hand then tries to follow it up but Hammer gets back to her persistent jab that keeps Shields from advancing. Right hand from Shields lands over the top during a clinch, Hammer doesn’t like the move. Right hand lead lands for Hammer with Shield on the ropes. Shields lands a right again upstairs. Another lead right lands for Shields. Two body hots come from Shields before the bell. Shields 10-9, 19-19.

Round 3: Hammer comes out behind a few jabs that don’t land on the target. Shields tries two hooks but they’re not very effective. Jab lands for Hammer but Shields is able to slip a few others. Right hand from Shields backs Hammer off for a moment but then she comes forward behind a few punches that Shields ducks. Check hook lands for Shields. Shields 10-9.

Round 4: Shields comes out quick with aright hand that just misses. Shields tries to throw a couple more but Hammer defends them pretty well. Hammer lands a jab but Shields comes back with a couple punches. Shields leads with a right hand that doesn’t land clean and the fighters end up in a clinch. Counter left hook lands for Shields. Shields working both hands in the clinch and Hammer doesn’t like the rough and tumble action. Shields 10-9, 39-37.

Round 5: Shields comes out and trades jabs with Hammer. Shields tries a right hand and backs Hammer to the ropes. Hammer tries a combination but can’t land clean shots on Shields. The fighters trade jabs again at center ring. Counter right hand lands agian for Shields who roughs Hammer up a little on the inside. Counter left hook to the body lands for Shields. Shields 10-9.

Round 6: Hammer falls short on a jab to start the round. Hammer tries to come forward behind a few more punches but Shields defends them well. Counter right hand glances off Hammer’s head. Shields times a right hand counter to follow Hammer’s jab. ANother right hand from Shields follows Hammer’s jab. Shields throws both hands on the inside while Hammer wants to hold. Shields 10-9, 59-55.

Round 7: Shields comes out with an overhand right that doesn’t land but gets Hammer’s attention. Hammer misses on a jab. Shields looks to time another right hand to follow Hammer’s predictable jabs. Shields comes forward with a few jabs to put Hammer on the defensive. SHields come forward with several hooks that land on Hammer upstairs. Hammer tries to circle away but eats another left hand from Shields before the bell rings. Shields 10-9.

Round 8: Shields lands a check left hook to open the round. Hammer comes forward with more straight shots but Shields has been doing a good job of staying off the line all fight. Hammer just doesn’t have a variety of punches to change. Shields lights up Hammer with a barrage of punches that forces Hammer to lose her mouthpiece! The referee gives Hammer a break to put it back in. Counter left hand lands for Shields. Hammer gets in a left of her own. Two more shots lands for Shields. Hard right hand lands for Shields that stuns Hammer! Hammer may be on her way out! Another flurry comes from Shields as Hammer retreats! Shields 10-9, 79-73.

Round 9: Shields tries to counter with a left hook but just misses. Shields comes forward and works both hands to the body on the inside. Overhand right lands for Shields. Shields come forward and lands a couple more punches that has Hammer retreating. Hammer throws a jab but Shields walks through it and rushes Hammer to the ropes. Counter left hand lands again for Shields. Right hand lands to the body for Shields. Shields is putting a beating on Hammer. Shields 10-9.

Round 10: Hammer starts with a jab that doesn’t land. Shields lands a counter jab and then tries to come forward behind a one-two. Shield lands a short right hand on the inside. Jab lands for Shields at center ring. Now Hammer lands a left hook to the body. Both fighters trade but Hammer doesn’t look to take the shots as well as Shields. Three jabs come from Shields at center ring. Shields 10-9. I’ve got it for Shields, 99-91.


Round 1: Booker flashes a couple of jabs that fall short. Now Franklin steps forward behind a couple of stiff jabs. Franklin doubles up on a jab to the head and body. Now Booker snaps one back and Franklin gives him a nod. Two more jabs come from Franklin. Short left hook partially lands for Booker. Right hand from Franklin grazes Booker’s body. Another right hand to the body comes from Franklin, followed by a combination that puts Booker into a corner. Booker finds his way back to center ring and lands a sneaky left hook upstairs. I think Franklin takes it. Franklin 10-9.

Round 2: Booker leads with a couple of jabs but eats a better one back from Franklin. Franklin jabs again to the body, then doubles up a jab to the body. Lead hook comes from Booker but Frankline catches it. Jab lands for Franklin, who follows it up with a combination but Booker gets in a clean shot in between. Franklin lost his mouthpiece in that exchange and gets a moment to put it back. Franklin falls short on a right hand to the body. Left hook from Franklin grazes Booker but Booker gets some sneaky shots in return. Booker lands a couple shots before the bell and I think he steals the round. Booker 10-9, 19-19.

Round 3: Booker throws a jab and Franklin returns fire with one of his own. Franklin throws a couple more jabs to the head and body as Booker tries to time another counter. Right hand lead lands for Booker. Franklin misses on a right hand and Booker gets in an uppercut. It looks like Franklin might’ve blew his load too early or he’s taking a breather. Short uppercut lands for Booker on the inside. Booker landed the cleanest shots for me. Booker 10-9.

Round 4: Booker leads with a jab and Franklin misses with his counter. Hard right hand lands upstairs for Franklin, Booker holds. Another clean right hand gets in for Franklin but he smothers his work and can’t follow it up effectively. Franklin brings the ring hand down to the body this time before winding up in another clinch. Two more punches land for Franklin. Franklin loses his mouthpiece again and gets a slight warning from the referee. Franklin lands a lead left hand. Another right hand lands to the body for Franklin. Franklin 10-9, 38-38.

Round 5: Franklin tries to counter Booker but can’t quite get the timing down. Booker rolls a couple of hooks from Franklin along the ropes. Booker lands a jab, but misses on the hook that comes shortly after. Clean jab lands for Franklin upstairs. Both fighters trade a few punches but neither can manage to land anything. I’m edging it to Franklin because I don’t think Booker is working enough. Franklin 10-9.

Round 6: Both fighters trade jabs to open the round. Booker scores a jab to the body. Now Franklin steps in behind several hard shots that only partially land. Souble jab comes from Booker but doesn’t land clean. Hard left hook to the body lands for Franklin. Counter uppercut to the body lands for Franklin. Booker gets in a short left hook on the inside. Chopping right hand partially lands for Franklin. Franklin goes back down to the body with a couple of hooks. Franklin 10-9, 58-56.

Round 7: Booker partially lands a left hook on the inside. Franklin retaliates with a combination that makes some good contact. Franklin throws a lead jab and then a left hook but Booker pulls away. Clean right hand lands for Booker, Franklin gets in a good one in return. Counter uppercut lands for Booker. Booker lands a short right hook to the body as he backs Franklin to the ropes. Booker gets in another left hand upstairs from short range. Franklin tries to flurry to get Booker off him and walks into a shot. Good round. I think Booker’s counters carried the round. Booker 10-9.

Round 8: Franklin leaps in with a left hook but walks into a Booker counter. Franklins steps forward behind a couple of more punches that don’t land on Booker. Booker times a solid one-two combination that lands clean. Franklin tries to come back with a couple punches but he doesn’t land anything clean. Franklin jumps in behind another big shot that Booker finds a counter for. Check hook lands for Booker as he continues to take advantage of Franklin’s wild aggression. Booker 10-9, 76-76.

Round 9: Booker lands a jab to start the round. Franklin throws a hard right to the body. Both fighters fall into each other’s chest for an extended period of time. Right hand from Franklin partially lands. Right hand to the body comes from Franklin and scores. Clean uppercut lands hard for Franklin, then a straight right hand that puts Booker on the defensive. Franklin 10-9.

Round 10: Franklin lands a left hand to start the round. Franklin throws the jab down to the body this time. Franklin leaps in behind a hook that Booker ducks. Franklin charges forward again behind a volley of punches but doesn’t land anything significant. Booker falls short on a jab. Franklin throws a right hand that glances off Booker. Right hand from Franklin misses Booker’s chin. Booker has done almost nothing in this last round. Franklin 10-9. I’ve got it score for Franklin 96-94.


Round 1: Wallin presses forward with his noticeable height advantage. Jab comes from Wallin and Kisner skips away along the ropes. Kisner takes a couple shots once he gets trapped in the corner. Two body shots land for Walling. Clean jab lands for Walling and Kisner is cut over his eye already. Another clean jab lands for Wallin. Kisner holds on until the referee forces a break. Kisner get thrown down to the canvas and Wallin gets a warning from the referee. Kisner complains that he can’t see so the doctor has to step in to evaluate him. Kisner says he wants to continue so they’re going to let him. Kisner misses on a wide right hand. Short left hand lands on the inside for Wallin, followed by two more body shots. Wallin 10-9.

Kisner complains in the corner that he still can’t see as a result of the blood in his eye so the fight is being called off between rounds. Because the cut was the result of an accidental head clash the fight is going to be ruled a no decision.