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Shields vs Hammer results: Mario Heredia upsets comebacking Samuel Peter

So much for the comeback run of “The Nigerian Nightmare.”

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Former heavyweight titleholder Samuel Peter’s comeback looks to be over before it ever really gets started, as he was upset tonight in Atlantic City, losing a split decision to Mexico’s Mario Heredia.

Scores were 76-75 and 77-74 Heredia, and 79-72 Peter. The judge who gave seven of eight to Peter was way off, as it was a plenty competitive fight.

Heredia (16-6-1, 13 KO) came off the canvas in the third round. Peter (37-7, 30 KO) tried to finish, but couldn’t, and Heredia got back into the fight thanks to Peter looking like he’d pretty much shot his best shot in the third.

I didn’t score the fight, but it seemed close to me once it was over. Peter, at 38, had only fought once since 2016, a 44-second KO win in February down in Tijuana over a guy who came in 2-21. Peter may keep trying, but you can pretty much write this experiment off.

Marcus Bates TKO-3 Jesse Hernandez

Super bantamweight Bates (9-1-1, 8 KO) hurt Hernandez (12-3, 7 KO) in the first round, and Hernandez just never really got anything going here, as Bates picked him apart with clean shots. Hernandez lost to Thomas Patrick Ward on ShoBox in February, so this is his second straight defeat.

Isiah Seldon UD-6 Bryan Goldsby

Seldon (13-2-1, 4 KO) is the son of Bruce Seldon, who won the WBA heavyweight tile in 1995 and was stopped in one by Mike Tyson in 1996. The son is a middleweight, and he’s 30, and, well, it’s not there. He was dropped in the first round by Goldsby (5-10, 0 KO), who is also an MMA fighter with a 17-16 record. Seldon might have deserved the win here, but it wasn’t impressive. Goldsby scampered a lot later in the fight and was out of gas by the fourth.