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Allen vs Browne: Heavyweights have pleasant chat, promise violence on Saturday

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Dave Allen and Lucas Browne are just delightful ahead of Saturday’s DAZN main event.

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Heavyweights Dave Allen and Lucas Browne are set to meet in a main event this Saturday, April 20, at London’s O2 Arena, which will stream live on DAZN.

Allen (16-4-2, 13 KO) and Browne (28-1, 24 KO) have displayed an incredible lack of animosity in the lead-up to this fight, but both promise to deliver action once the bell rings. They spoke with iFL TV at this week’s public workout, and discussed their fight and more in one of the most pleasant boxing interviews you’ll probably ever see.

On the mutual respect

Allen: “I like Lucas Browne. I’ve got respect for him as a fighter, first and foremost. I saw the Chagaev fight, I was a big fan of him at the time. He beat my friend Richard Towers years ago. He was a fantastic fighter — I was impressed with him in the Chagaev fight. And as a bloke, he’s a good bloke. Until 10 pm Saturday main event UK time, we’re the best of friends, you know? We’re alright. Until then, we’re gonna get along just fine.”

Browne: “We speak quite often over social media. I do with a lot of other boxers, as well. There’s no animosity here. We’re both here to fight. I believe as he said, up until the bell rings, we’re gonna be the best of friends, and afterward as well. But during the actual fight, we’re gonna try and take each others head off.”

On preparations for the fight

Allen: “I’m in the best shape — not in my life, because I was fitter as a kid, I was a pretty fit kid. I was a track and field superstar, shot putter, 200 meter. But this is the best I’ve been for boxing. If Lucas Browne beats me, he’s gonna have to be back to the Lucas Browne that beat Chagaev, because I’m pretty good at boxing right now, to be fair.”

Browne: “I’m one of the heaviest hitters in the heavyweight division. I’ve just gotta be on on the night. In the Whyte fight, I was not, but things have been rectified, and I’m back on. It’s gonna be a good night. He’s got the chin, I’ve got the power. It’s gonna be a great clash.”

On their fight being the main event on Saturday

Allen: “If Dereck Chisora was fighting a bigger name in the heavyweight division, bigger than Gashi, he would be the main event. He’s coming off a pay-per-view show with Dillian Whyte, but he’s fighting, uh, Gash...i. So, uh — what was I saying? He’s fighting that Gash man. So a former WBA heavyweight champion of the world fighting a kid with a big mouth who’s trying to get there one day, this is the biggest fight on the card, I believe. I believe Josh Kelly and the other kid are probably better fighters than I, but we’re gonna put the most bums on the seats that night at the O2, so we’re the main event.”

On what’s next with a win on Saturday

Browne: “I believe the contract states that I fight David Price [with a win over Allen]. So that’s basically it. I wanna stay competitive, I wanna stay active, and I wanna stay in good fights, and really sort of leave a good mark in my boxing career. A fight like this is perfect for that.”

Allen: “I don’t have a contract! Eddie said to me, ‘If you beat Lucas Browne, you can fight David Price, possibly Dereck Chisora.’ I said, ‘I’ll fight David Price, please.’ And then, you know, he said both of us are only three fights away from a heavyweight title shot. It sounds ridiculous now, but it’s the truth. You’re only ever three or four wins away from a world heavyweight title shot when you’re already in decent position. Imagine me fighting for a world a title. Madness, isn’t it? But it’s a possibility. If I beat Lucas Browne, beat David Price, beat a Chisora or Parker, then I’m fighting Joshua at Wembley, rematch at Keepmoat Stadium 2020 summertime, so we’ll just have to see what happens.”

Predictions for the fight

Browne: “It’s gonna be a good 12 rounds of hard ass fighting. I think there’s gonna be blood, there’s gonna be oohs and aahs in the crowd, and just a good, old-fashioned bash-up, which I think people wanna see.”

Allen: “I anticipate I’m going to be coming forward trying to punch your head in, quite a lot early on. I know I can’t walk onto this man. He is getting — he’s 40 on Sunday, happy birthday for Sunday. But he is 40, he’s slowing down a little bit, I believe, but the one thing you will not lose is the power, and that’s what he has got. I can’t afford to walk onto him like I always usually do, I’ve got to be very careful. He’s looking for the uppercut. I know you’re looking for it, I’ve seen you on the pads, you’re not gonna find me—”

Browne: “It’s my favorite!”

Allen: “You’re not finding me with it! I’m not going to be home! I’ve got to make him miss early on, I’ve got to — I want to knock him out in the first round, he wants to knock me out in the first round, but I don’t think that’s going to be possible for either of us. He’s a lot smarter than people give him credit for; people think he’s a big puncher and that’s it. He can box, he can move. The Chagaev fight was boxing and moving. Same with Sokolowski, people say he was awful in it. I watched as a boxer, I see what he was doing. He was moving. He’s gonna try to do that with me. I wish you’d come and stand and fight me, I’d love you to. But he’s not gonna because he’s not daft. You can have a go if you want to, it’d make it very exciting. I know you’re not gonna anyway. But it’s gonna be a fantastic fight. There’s only one winner. Don’t know who it is yet, I think it will be me. I anticipate a good fight, I anticipate winning. I think I’m younger and fresher and I want it — I won’t say I want it more, because I couldn’t quantify how bad you need it, I know what’s going off in his life and how bad he needs it. I need to win on the 20th of April. I need it. It’s going to take something spectacular for you to stop me.”