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Khan predicts a unanimous decision win over Crawford

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Amir Khan gives his impression on how this weekend’s fight against Terence Crawford will play out.

With Amir Khan’s next shot at a world title on the horizon this Saturday, set to face Terence Crawford for his WBO welterweight strap, Khan reflects on his career a little and gives his prediction on how the fight will unfold.

On being a mature, seasoned fighter at this point in his career:

“It’s just something that I’ve learned and I’ve grown with. I’ve had the public media behind me since my first professional fight, coming back from the Olympics at age 17. I was 17 coming back from the Olympics as a household’s been crazy for me since then. But you know what? I’ve enjoyed every bit of it and I’m enjoying every bit of it and I know what to do, how to promote fights, but more than anything I know how to go in there and win fights...”

On dealing with the media who often ask the same questions:

“I think, some of it, is being patient. If you can be patient in the interviews, you can be patient in the ring — being smart, being focused — it’s the same thing. It’s about being patient and just giving your time, you have to give your time.”

On how he would compare the build-up to this fight to all the other big fights he’s been in:

“This is as big as the one I fought against Canelo. There’s a lot of hype behind this fight and a lot of people have been talking about the fight and having a massive platform, which is ESPN, on board makes the fight even bigger. So I’m just going in and taking it as it comes. I’m not gonna be making any mistakes, I’m not gonna throw the fight away. I’ve been training very hard for this, knowing that there’s gonna be millions of people watching this and I wanna become a world champion again, so whatever it is, I’m ready.”

On dealing with negative energy and comments on social media:

“There’s gonna be a lot of negativity. I’ve been having a lot of negativity since I was 17, when I won that medal in the Olympics. Now the way you overcome that is by winning, by proving people wrong, come back stronger, win fights. If they wanna see you lose, you come back and be a win. You keep training harder, use that as a motivation.”

On a prediction for Saturday’s fight against Crawford:

“I really believe that it’ll go the distance and I win by unanimous decision.”