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Boxing reacts to Jarrell Miller’s failed drug test

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Fighters, trainers, and promoters give their thoughts on the situation.

Anthony Joshua v Jarrell Miller - Press Conference Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

With Jarrell Miller denied a license by New York after his failed VADA test for a June 1 fight against Anthony Joshua, the news has traveled around the boxing world quickly.

Fighters, trainers, and promoters weigh in.

Amir Khan

“I just find it very sad, fighters taking drugs for extra help in fights. I think they should be banned for good. I know Miller, he’s a nice guy, but the thing is you’re taking a substance that’s helping you cheat. I just think it’s unfair. I just feel sad for Anthony Joshua, all that training he’s done. He has to change his opponent. Is it the right time to do it, or is it time to take a break? I remember the time when I had to fight Lamont Peterson in a rematch, he got caught, and I came back, rushed a fight against Danny Garcia and was knocked out. That only happened because I rushed a fight, in my opinion. If I didn’t rush that fight — I only trained three weeks for Danny Garcia. ... It’s not enough time. I don’t want Anthony to rush. I want him to follow his mind, follow what he believes in.”

Danny Garcia

“That sucks for him. I would’ve just took some B-12 and called it a day. Shit. Why risk it? Why risk $6 million? It’d be better if you train hard.”

Adrian Granados

“Man, that’s unfortunate. I was looking forward to seeing that fight. But that’s what we need in boxing, that’s why we’re registered with VADA. I’ve gone through I believe three or four tests leading up to this fight, and I’m sure Danny (Garcia) has gone through the same. ... We need that to keep the sport clean and protect ourselves. That’s why I feel like the sport’s getting better, it’s a good thing for boxing. ... (Miller) is a cheater, he can’t do it on his own and he needs something illegal to give him that edge. That’s not fair to the rest of the fighters like myself, we work hard to get to where we’re at naturally. There’s plenty of supplements and plenty of nutritional advancements that we have nowadays that people shouldn’t be cheating like that.”

Freddie Roach

“I still say if they (ban) them for life, they won’t do drugs. If they get a slap on the wrist, who cares? You won’t do the drugs with a chance of a ban for life. It’s attempted murder, this is a combat sport, let’s face it. He should be banned forever. It’s heavy-duty, but it’s the way it is, and it’s true.”

Angel Garcia

“You don’t have to do steroids or none of that to be a great athlete. But he won’t be the first one that ever happened to. (Lance) Armstrong, he cheated — the right way, though, he had doctors and people waiting in the lobby and giving him phone calls. If (Miller) would’ve did it like that, he probably would’ve got away with it. ... I’m glad the commission stepped it up. A lot of commissions, they don’t step it up. They just leave it up to the fighters and the promotion. I’m glad they did their job. This can really kill you.”

Leonard Ellerbe

“It’s very unfortunate any time that you see guys blow a big opportunity like that. It was the biggest fight of his life. He had a great opportunity. Down the drain. There’s no room for cheating in boxing, period, under no circumstances. That’s on him.”

“Fighters put in the work, they work hard, they put their life on the line to go out there and compete. Then these kind of things happen. Again, it’s just unfortunate. There’s a lot more of it out there in the sport, guys are just not getting caught. ... Guys are always looking to gain some type of advantage instead of putting in the work and getting it done the right way. Guys are always looking for a way to cut a corner. Guys are busting their ass, putting in the work, grinding. There’s no room in the sport for (cheating).”