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Angel Garcia talks Arum, DAZN, and more

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Angel Garcia is Angel Garcia in this interview session with Angel Garcia.

Danny Garcia’s father and trainer Angel Garcia is certainly one of modern boxing’s more colorful characters, and he spoke on Wednesday about Al Haymon, Top Rank, DAZN, and fuckin’ goddamn wagons.

On Bob Arum saying Errol Spence Jr is PBC’s only elite welterweight

“Everybody jumps on a wagon. You gotta look at résumés. I’m not saying the guy can’t fight, because the guy can fight. That’s why he’s in the sport, because he can fight. You gotta look at résumés. ... Bob Arum is saying that because he wants to put Terence Crawford with (Spence). That’d be a good fight for them. Would they get money on it? I don’t know.”

On ...DAZN?

“When I tried to do good things for the boxing world, they bashed me. But now you got all these motherfuckers coming from Europe with these fuckin’ apps. Everybody jumping on the fuckin’ wagon. It’s gonna be like this: Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

“I don’t know what these guys are doing, I don’t know their purses. I gotta thank Al Haymon for what he did for my family and Danny. So I know what’s there. But when he tried to do good things for boxing, they bashed him. Because they’re hatin’. And they’re still hatin’. I’m surprised you guys are here, you guys aren’t in New York doing the Khan and them. Everybody’s on that goddamn wagon.”

On whether race plays a part in people “hating” on Al Haymon

“It could be, but I ain’t worried about that shit. Race is just a color, bro, it don’t got nothin’ to do with business. It don’t got shit to do with business. You could be purple, and if you’re a businessman — to run a business, you gotta be business-oriented. You can’t have a business without a team. It’s a team. You can have a business, if you ain’t got a team, your business is gonna crash, you gotta shut it down.”

On ...DAZN again? Or Bob Arum?

“The thing is, don’t talk, burn, and then you — it’s like, say — it’s like this, you dirtyin’ the water and then you drinkin’ it. So why would you dirty the water and then you gotta drink the water? Don’t dirty the water to drink it. Partner up with me, let’s be business partners, but don’t trash me. But you doin’ the same shit. You’re creating a monopoly, too.”

Yeah it’s DAZN now for sure

“They talkin’ all this crazy shit and they got all these fighters floppin’ over to the other side, and they’re signing all these fighters, $360 million, ‘I’m the highest-paid athlete.’ No, the highest-paid athlete is Floyd Mayweather at all times. Because he didn’t get $350 million in five years, he got $250 million in one fight. So that’s the highest-paid athlete.”

On money and health for fighters

“That’s a lot of fuckin’ fights in five years. I mean, listen, you fightin’ top gun, you still have brains to think? I ain’t gonna let nobody make choices like that over me. Money’s not everything, there’s your health. It’s about walking away and you still got (brains). Every time you’re sparring, it’s a fight, brother. That’s a fight. So let’s say you’ve got 30 fights, but how about your sparring? That’s about 110 fights. Every time you spar guys, you’re paying these guys. These guys ain’t comin’ to be your little punching bag. These guys are trying to prove a point. They’re getting paid money to spar with a top gun. They’re not gonna come be your slouch, they’re trying to knock you out!”