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Angel Garcia says Danny could move to 154 by next year

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Danny Garcia’s father/trainer talks about the fighter’s future.

In this interview with Fight Hub TV, trainer Angel Garcia talks a bit about Danny’s upcoming fight this weekend and a possible move to junior middleweight in the next years. Angel, of course, also adds in his own brand of color commentary.

Angel Garcia on how soon Danny could move to 154lbs:

“That’s a possibility...I’m thinking, if anything, it’ll be next year.

“I gotta talk to Danny, see what he say. If he wants to go up, it’s okay with me. I don’t have a problem with that.”

On who he’s want Danny to fight at 154:

“There’s a lot of money up there too. You got the Charlos, you got — well I don’t know if Canelo will be able to make 50s again huh.

“You got a lot of champions up’s the young generation of today...All the guys are headed out the door, like Floyd retired, Manny ready to retire soon, you got Andre Ward gone. You got the new generation coming now.”

On if he expects Danny to walk over Adrian Granados this weekend:

“I’m gonna say this: we’re not gonna underestimate [Granados]...I’m not gonna underestimate him but the thing is this, Danny’s a way better fighter. It’s gonna be a good fight, but Danny’s got to smash him. Danny has to put him on his ass...and I’m saying five rounds...when Danny start landing leather will he still be coming? That’s the question to be answered.

“Danny’s the most underrated fighter out there. People don’t respect him.”

On what he thinks of Shawn Porter, who took the WBC title by beating Garcia:

“He living the glory right now. Listen, he won the world title. Okay, I understand that. Nothing wrong with that because everybody get their time. But man, listen, he should start doing Colgate smile commercials ‘cause every time you turn around you see a big pair of teeth — Colgate.

“Just don’t let his teeth get yellow, please.”

On top welterweight fights out there for Danny:

“I’m telling you we’re not scared of all these guys. We’re not running from none of those guys so people say ‘he’s the most feared guy, you can’t fuck with ‘em.’ Yeah, we can fuck with all them guys because Danny has the knowledge and wisdom, experience to fight them guys...

“You gotta understand this too, when we started boxing we didn’t start with no manager like — I love him to death, I love Al Haymon to death — but Al made it easier for them guys to be where they at. And I love Al to death but Danny didn’t have it easy. Danny had one of the hardest managers in the business that made it hard for Danny at a young age, for peanuts. We fought for peanuts.

“2009 we’d be happy as shit. We make two G’s, go home happy. These guys are making millions, bro. I wish we were making that money at the time. We’d have been fuckin’ filthy rich by now. Not rich, filthy rich...

“We ain’t broke...besides the Lambo we got a bunch properties. Only in properties we probably got like $4M in properties — that’s paid for!...And we have like nine apartments that we rent, so we have plenty of business, like we have plenty of real estate and plenty of money in the stock market, and the federal stock. So you guys out there, you fighters do the same.

“Stop renting jazz and buying jewelry and all that shit. That shit don’t pay bills. And giving it to the girlfriend, ‘cause the girl’s gonna give it to Jodi. Jodi’s a motherfucker like me: they sit in the back door of your house when you go home...sitting at the window like this ‘Oh, he left?! Yeah.”