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Christina Hammer talks upcoming fight with Claressa Shields

Hammer says she doesn’t think Shields’ defense is that good.

In this video interview captured by Fight Hub TV, Christina Hammer (24-0, 11 KOs) talks a bit about her upcoming middleweight title clash with Claressa Shields (8-0, 2 KOs) on April 13 in Atlantic City. Check out what Hammer thinks of Shields heading into the fight...

Hammer on what she thinks she can take advantage of in this fight:

“I think she’s a very aggressive fighter. Going forward she’s very open — not that good defense, like you think so...I want to use my reach, my footwork, and my boxing skills.

“...We are both undefeated champions and that’s biggest fight ever, and the fans — the boxing fans — they must see it.

“...I’m always fighting, I stay hungry. I’m very hungry of success, push myself always forward to stay like a champion, act like a champion, live like a champion.”

On if she ever has trouble making weight and what she walks around at:

“No. 75 kilograms (165lbs).”

On the health issues that caused this fight to be postponed and how she’s feeling now:

“Yeah, last years was, I think, the toughest year in my whole career because I never, God bless me, I never got some health problems but it was the first time that I got something and my doctor told me and I was so sad. It was very sad for me because I want this fight and I know that she say ‘ah, you scared’ or whatever but I’m not scared.

“Health is the most important thing, and I don’t step into the ring when I’m not 100% in shape. It was inflammation in the gut, the stomach, and then I got some gluten allergy. And it takes time because you have to change your whole food and everything. And I got some crazy stomach cramps and everything...Now I feel better, I feel stronger because my mindset is now better than before.”