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All Access: Shields vs Hammer (Episode 1)

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Showtime unveils its first episode documenting the build-up to the women’s middleweight title fight.

As Claressa Shields (8-0, 2 KOs) gets set to take on Christina Hammer (24-0, 11 KOs) for middleweight supremacy on April 13th, Showtime Sports releases its opening installment of All Access, covering the behind the scenes action before the fight.

The first episode kicks off with a little backstory on both fighter, before shifting to the media obligations the fighters must meet in order to promoter their fight.

“Nobody believed Muhammad Ali when he said he was the greatest of all time,” Shields says. “He felt that way before he said it. Way before he let the words come out of his mouth he felt that, and I’ve been feeling like I was the best fighter in the world since I was 13-years-old. So now we’re talking about plus 10-years and I’ve only lost one fight in my entire life.”

Soon after we get a glimpse of the official press conference announcing the fight, and then Hammer explaining why she thinks Shields is a beatable opponent.

Check out the full opening installment above!