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Rey Vargas, Tomoki Kameda come to terms for title fight

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Vargas holds the WBC super bantamweight title, Kameda the interim title

Rey Vargas v Oscar Negrete Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

WBC super bantamweight champion Rey Vargas and interim champion Tomoki Kameda have come to terms ahead of an impending purse bid, setting up a unification match for later this year. No word yet as to date or location.

Vargas (33-0, 22 KO) handed Gavin McDonnell his first loss to win the belt in 2017, then successfully defended it against Ronny Rios, Oscar Negrete, and Azat Hovhannisyan. He would up injuring his shoulder against Hovhannisyan and contracting pneumonia after the surgery, leading the WBC to set up an interim title fight between top contenders Kameda (36-2, 20 KO) and Abigail Medina that saw Kameda take home a decision.

Vargas ultimately returned to action in February, surviving a flash knockdown to outclass Colombian puncher Franklin Manzanilla.

The super bantamweight division is red-hot at the moment; in addition to this and the upcoming rematch between Emmanuel Navarrete and Isaac Dogboe, Daniel Roman and TJ Doheny are set to unify their respective titles next month. It’s rare that all four major champs are in tough fights at the same time, but definitely appreciated.