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Ituarte vs Estrella results: Erick Ituarte picks up win in Thompson Boxing main event

Featherweight Erick Ituarte got the duke tonight over Jose Estrella.

Carlos Baeza/Thompson Boxing Promotions

Erick Ituarte extended his win streak to 14 fights tonight, outpointing veteran prospect checker Jose Estrella in the Thompson Boxing main event from Ontario, California.

Ituarte (21-1-1, 3 KO) won on scores of 98-92, 100-89, and 100-89. The 24-year-old featherweight hadn’t fought in 11 months, so this was also a bit of a rust-shaker for him, as he looks to work his way up the 126-pound rankings and maybe get to a title shot in time.

All in all, he looked pretty sharp, able to fairly handily deal with an experienced opponent in Estrella (20-16-1, 14 KO), a guy who’s probably a little bit better than his record and has been matched with a lot of good prospects and opponents in his career. This was the third straight loss for Estrella, the other two coming to Ruben Garcia Hernandez and former world title challenger Miguel Marriaga.

Richard Brewart Jr UD-4 Sergio Ramirez

Brewart, a 20-year-old junior middleweight, won on scores of 40-36 from all three judges, and improves to 5-0 (2 KO). He didn’t look great here, but his trainer noted that he got hit behind the head in the first round and felt a little dizzy after that, so maybe it was just that. Either way, he clearly won. Ramirez (6-6, 6 KO, number of the beast) is a 27-year-old guy who’s really a lightweight, and he came in over 163 pounds here. It was clear he’s really a lightweight.

Luis Lopez UD-4 Daniel Perales

Lopez won on scores of 40-36 across the board to improve to 6-0 (3 KO). Lopez is a 22-year-old welterweight, and this was a nice matchup and learning fight for him, as Perales (10-17-2, 5 KO) is the type of opponent who knows exactly how to be a pain in the ass for an eager, sometimes overeager, young fighter.

Oscar Torrez TKO-4 Thomas Hawkins

Torrez (5-0, 2 KO) is a 27-year-old, 6’4” southpaw heavyweight who showed some decent skills, decent speed. He got the stoppage mostly because Hawkins (4-4, 1 KO) wasn’t fighting back and Torrez was pouring on the pressure about halfway into the fourth and final scheduled round. Hawkins has lost four in a row.

Christian Crowley D-4 Davonte McCowen

“This was a real club show fight,” commentator Doug Fischer said after it was over. This was a lightweight fight between guys who figure to campaign at super featherweight if they last in the sport, pro debut for both. They start their careers with the draw, scores of 39-37 (didn’t say for whom), 38-38, and 38-38. Neither of these guys looked like stars in the making, but they slugged it out for four rounds and it was good entertainment.