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Chisora vs Gashi results: Dereck Chisora wins wide decision over Senad Gashi

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Dereck Chisora wasn’t in another war, but he put up another win over Senad Gashi.

Boxing at the o2 Arena Photo by Christopher Lee/Getty Images

Dereck Chisora is generally reliable for some heavyweight entertainment, but his win today at London’s O2 Arena over Senad Gashi was a genuine stinker, with Chisora widely outpointing Gashi over 10 dull rounds.

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Chisora (30-9, 21 KO) was working with new trainer Dave Coldwell, and fought a more reserved sort of style. It didn’t help that Gashi (17-3, 17 KO) basically refused to engage at any point, and that Chisora never really cut off the ring as Gashi simply escaped range, over and over again.

Chisora ultimately won on scores of 99-91, 100-91, and 100-90. There’s no question he deserved the victory, and if a boring bout can be forgiven of any heavyweight, you might forgive the 35-year-old Chisora, but it was still a little tough to get through it all, with the O2 going increasingly quiet over the course of the fight and the Sky Sports commentary team pretty much openly begging promoter Eddie Hearn to never put Gashi back on their airwaves.