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Terence Crawford to Amir Khan: ‘You didn’t quit?’

Terence Crawford isn’t buying Amir Khan saying he didn’t quit in their fight.

Terence Crawford v Amir Khan Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

The controversial ending to tonight’s Crawford-Khan fight at Madison Square Garden is being debated and discussed and all those things, all those words like that.

There was a low blow in the sixth round from Crawford to Khan, after which Khan was pulled from the fight by his corner. Judges had Crawford well ahead, and he was clearly in commanding control of the action by that point, and also knocked Khan down in the opening round.

The shot was low, but not everyone is totally buying it all. It appeared to hit Khan more in the leg than the groin, and ESPN’s Teddy Atlas is one of many who feel Khan probably could have continued.

This clip from the post-fight press conference contains an exchange between Khan and Crawford where Crawford questions Khan on whether or not he quit, and where exactly the punch landed.

Khan: “I would never quit. I’d rather get knocked out. I’m one of them fighers, I’d rather get knocked out. I’ve been knocked out because I’ve tried—”

Crawford: “You didn’t quit? Tell the truth.”

Khan: “No, I didn’t quit.”

Crawford: “So what happened?”

Khan: “I was hit with a low shot.”

Crawford: “I’m asking you what happened.”

Khan: “I was hit with a low shot.”

Crawford: “In the leg? You quit. A shot in the leg?”

Khan: “In the leg? It was in the balls!”

Crawford: “(Laughing)”

Khan: “I’ve not seen the video or the clip of it. But it was a low blow.”

That said, when fans started getting loud about it, Crawford walked the verbal assault back a bit.

Crawford: “It was low. It was low. It probably was low. (people chattering) Alright, but calm down. Y’all didn’t feel the punch.”

Khan: “If you guys think I quit, no bother. I’ve never quit from a fight. It’s a great fighter who beat me tonight.”

Whatever it is, Crawford is now 35-0 (26 KO) and still the WBO welterweight titleholder, while Khan falls to 33-5 (20 KO) in defeat.

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