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Kash Ali gets six-month suspension, £10,000 fine for biting David Price

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The British Boxing Board of Control has put Kash Ali on the shelf and dented his bank account.

Boxing at M&S Bank Arena Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Kash Ali came into his March 30 fight with David Price at Liverpool’s Echo Arena an unknown small hall fighter who just six months earlier had been featured on a show held at a Holiday Inn.

The always-vulnerable Price was a chance for the 27-yeard-old Birmingham native Ali to make at least a short-term name for himself in boxing. And I suppose Ali did do that, though not the way he likely imagined.

Ali bit Price repeatedly, eventually so blatantly that it earned him a disqualification in the fifth round. The British Boxing Board of Control suspended his license and withheld his purse in the immediate aftermath, and now Ali has been officially suspended for six months, along with a fine of £10,000.

Trainer Adam Etches tells Sky that Ali just lost his head:

“He’s got off lightly, but at the same time, he’s not a bad guy. He lost his head. ... As long as he learns from it, he will be fine.”

After the fight, Ali did his best to apologize for the incident:

“When I ended up on top of him, I’m just thinking — this is fucking stupid — boxing went out the window, I thought, ‘This is a fight now.’ I should’ve kept my cool and thought about getting back up and knocking him out. But it was stupid. I have nothing else to say. It was out of order, and I apologize to him.”

Boxing at M&S Bank Arena Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

You still have to wonder what Ali (15-1, 7 KO) does from here. He’s got no credibility as a boxer, really only known to anyone for this biting incident. Boxing doesn’t mind a bit of notoriety, but Ali is not Andrew Golota, who did some things well other than foul. It’s not easy to sign this guy up to fight a prospect or something when he’s shown he’ll just foul, tackle, and bite as soon as he gets buzzed by someone. There are plenty of heavyweight vets who will lose and not do those things.

But we’ll see in around six months or so, I suppose.