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Claressa Shields: ‘Jealous ass pioneers’ are why ‘women’s boxing never flourished’

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“T-Rex” sure knows how to stay in the news.

Claressa Shields v Christina Hammer Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Claressa Shields has won two Olympic gold medals and world titles in two weight classes as a pro, including recently fully unifying the middleweight division with a win over Christina Hammer on Showtime.

Since that fight, the 24-year-old Shields (9-0, 2 KO) has said that she could beat top male fighters, which stirred up a lot of discussion, to say the least, and now she’s taken aim at what she’s calling the “pioneers” of women’s boxing, or in her words, “jealous ass pioneers.”

“It’s ridiculous all the hate I get for being great!” she wrote. “Same women who hate on me praised (UFC star Ronda) Rousey! Then they make up reasons to dislike me. ‘Oh, she calls herself the GWOAT, it’s disrespectful to the women who came before her!’

“How is that? I never said the pioneers couldn’t fight! Or they are bums or even say they are not self-made. All I did was speak life into myself and (to) women’s boxing! How can you hate on someone’s hard work and accomplishments?

“Some of these pioneers in women’s boxing make me sick. The thing is, they should be grateful that I’m dedicating my life to this sport and pushing it forward! Because before me it was dead for damn near 20 years! Who did Christy Martin give the blueprint (to)? What about Laila Ali? Those women barely speak positive about women’s boxing! It was always about themselves!

“So don’t be mad at me (because) I actually love everything about boxing and give props to other female fighters!”

I expect this will go over great.

After beating Hammer, she also called out undisputed welterweight champion Cecilia Braekhus for a fight at 154 pounds, and said she’d like to avenge her one amateur loss to Savannah Marshall.