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Deontay Wilder vs Dominic Breazeale gets the All Access treatment

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Showtime kicks off behind-the-scenes coverage of the fight on May 10.

With WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder (40-0-1, 39 KOs) set to take on mandatory challenger Dominic Breazeale (20-1, 18 KOs) on May 18th in a longstanding grudge match, Showtime has pegged the fight for it’s All Access coverage.

The series’ first installment for Wilder-Breazeale will debut on the network on Friday, May 10, starting at 10 pm ET. Showtime will attempt to immerse fans into the training camp and personal lives of both fighters as they prepare to finally settle their personal feud stemming from a hotel brawl a few years ago. Filming of both fighters is already underway.

In additional to the standard All Access series, Showtime will also supplement it’s coverage with All Access Daily, which will streamed throughout fight week on Showtime’s social media channels, specifically covering the last final days before the fight.

Finally, there will be the All Access Epilogue, which will provide a recap of the fight itself with even more commentary and behind-the-scenes footage.