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Eddie Hearn: Amir Khan was ‘incredibly brave’ against Terence Crawford

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Hearn shares his thoughts on how the Crawford-Khan fight played out.

In an interview with Fight Hub TV, Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn shares some alternative facts on Amir Khan’s performance against Terence Crawford last weekend. Check out his takeaways from the fight...

Hearn on the unsatisfying ending of Crawford-Khan:

“I think, firstly, I’ve got to say that — and I know the question is ‘did he quit? — he’s incredibly brave. Watch the fight back, like in the round before it happened, or even when it happen, he was jumping in going for it. And he got put down in the first round, he was getting battered to the body, but kept trying, he kept going for it. And he got hit in the nuts, it was a clear low blow.”

On most people believing Khan got hit more in the leg than in the gonads:

“Whatever it was, the fact is he wasn’t going to win the fight from there, and he tried to win the fight, and I heard in the corner his shoulder was — his hand was hurting as well. And I think Virgil made the decision to, ‘save him’ might be the wrong word, but I think it was very unlikely Amir was gonna win that fight from there.

“He tried, he’d been in there, jumped in, he was trading off at all times, as he does. So I think Virgil just said ‘No, you know what, this is the right time. It’s over.’”

On Kell Brook wanting to fight Crawford:

“Not really. I mean, Kell went to watch the fight, obviously had a long sort of drawn out process trying to get the Amir Khan fight, and now he wants the Terence Crawford fight. We 100% support him in that. I think Kell just wants the biggest fight possible. You know, he’s at that stage of his career, he don’t wanna fighting underneath his level. He wants to be pushed, he wants to be challenged, and right now in the welterweight division Terence Crawford is a massive challenge.”