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Robert Garcia dishes on Marcos Maidana canceling his comeback to boxing

The trainer explains how Maidana was pushed too hard to come back to boxing too soon.

In this video interview with Fight Hub TV, Marcos Maidana’s former trainer Robert Garcia shares his thoughts on Madaina’s comeback attempt and why he thinks it all fizzled out by pushing him too hard, too quickly. Check it out...

Garcia on Maidana’s failed comeback bid:

“Look, I think they were pushing him a little bit too hard. For a fighter to be out for five years and then to come back and three, four months later they want him to fight at 160? I would guess he was probably 80lbs [overweight], so he lost the first 40 and he still has another 40 and they’re pushing him, they’re pushing him.

“You know, in order for a person to lose 80lbs in four months — that’s ridiculous. 40lbs is a lot! I think they were thinking ‘oh, you’re gonna fight in June, again September, and one more time before the end of the year.’ So they wanted to fuckin’ make him fight three times and lose 80lbs. It’s ridiculous...So they killed him. They killed him! They pushed — they killed him too fast, burned him out. He’s like ‘fuck this.’

“You know, the first 40lbs — ‘okay.’ Not easy but he lost the first 40. But then he’s thinking ‘Fuck, I’ve still got 40 more? And look at all this shit I’m going through.’ For five years, in Argentina, they eat a lot of fuckin’ he’s fuckin’ eating one cow in a week. He’s probably eating a cow every week, right? And then over here he’s getting small meals — I think it should’ve been slowly: five days a week eat healthy, on the weekends let him go have some meat...and slowly, slowly [work him back to form]. One year, it would’ve taken one year for him to lose all that weight.

“They were making him lose 80lbs and get ready for a fight, ‘cause they wanted him to fight in June. His body gave up and he’s like ‘fuck this, I don’t need this.’”