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Eubank Jr. tests the waters with trainer Virgil Hunter

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Eubank is coming off a big win over James DeGale in February.

James DeGale v Chris Eubank Jr Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Chris Eubank Jr. (28-2, 21 KOs), fresh off a win over James DeGale, has recently been spotted in Oakland working with noted trainer Virgil Hunter. This is probably a little unexpected since Eubank Jr. had just recently employed Nate Vasquez as his full-time trainer leading into DeGale fight — a fight that he won — but it appears he’d like another pair of eyes to refine his game.

Speaking on his recent work with Hunter, Junior says:

“I’ve seen what Virgil has done over the years, but I wanted to see it up close in person and work with him a little bit, just to see how it is.

”It’s just exploring, Virgil’s not my new trainer. I’m just having a little dabble.

”It absolutely could turn into something, but you can never tell how life is going to turn out.”

Eubank Jr. would continue to say that he’s recently had injuries which have forced him to mainly fight on the inside but now that he’s healthy he’s looking to improve his fight game on the outside, which he believes Hunter is a master at. Eubank Jr. says he sees a lot of similarities to Andre Ward, and that was even more of a reason to try things out with Hunter — considering that pairings success over the years.

For his part Hunter says he’s not sure if he’ll formally work with Eubank because he’s unsure he can commit to spending an entire training camp in the U.K., but that he’ll offer all the assistance and insight he can. Hunter says Eubank Jr. came to his gym looking to improve his jab, but that Junior’s footwork is what needs the most attention.