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Granados: If I leave this Garcia fight up to the judges I won’t get the nod

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Adrian Granados talks about his upcoming fight against Danny Garcia.

In this video interview with Fight Hub TV, Adrian Granados discusses his April 20 fight against Danny Garcia, why he thinks he has to dominate in order to win, and some thoughts on a potential Crawford-Spence fight. Check out some excerpts below...

On what about Danny Garcia stands out the most to him:

“Without a doubt, his power. Danny’s a smart counterpuncher and he’s somebody that — he’ll set you up...A lot of people will see him down in a fight, outta nowhere he’ll land one big shot and changes it all around. So, yeah, definitely I’m gonna be respecting his power but I’m coming with it. I’m coming for the win, I’m coming to tear his head off and rip that body up.”

On if he likens this fight to Garcia-Rios:

“I think so but I think — shout out to Brandon Rios, I’m a huge fan of his — no disrespect but I feel like there’s more that I can do than Brandon. And Brandon had tremendous success against Danny. I was actually surprised with how successful he was until he just got caught. That’s all it was. He was fighting a helluva fight, it was a great exciting fight...I think there's a lot of intangibles in this fight that a lot of people don’t know about me.

“They see me as just a come-forward punching bag but, you know, I think that night I’ma show I have a lot more tools.”

On if he thinks punch volume is the key to success against Garcia:

“Well, you know, it’s a mixture of things. I mean, Keith Thurman and I’d say Mauricio Herrera, Lamont Peterson as well, they all had a great game plan against him. And I thought Lamont needed a little more but it was a close fight that he could’ve won. And then Thurman got the win and I feel like Mauricio deserved that win. So, I mean, it is what it is. I know it’s a fight where I’ma have to dominate or stop him because we all know as it is, I got the record of losses that are close and controversial. So I feel like if I leave it up to the judges I won’t get that nod. So I’m training hard to dominate or get a stoppage win.”

On if he really believes he has to knock Garcia out to earn the win:

“Most definitely because that’s just what it’s been. With the Broner fight I feel like I won. With the Porter fight, it was close, and I feel like the refereeing was siding towards him — he had the favoritism in that fight. So in this fight I’m hoping that third time’s a charm and I’m definitely going out with everything to come out victorious.”

On why he thinks he gets the short end of the stick in close fights:

“Honestly, politics and promoters do come in [play] in most of those fights. I always come in as the opponent, I’m always coming in as the B-side and, you know, I’ve learned from experience if you’re not the cash cow or if you’re not the name brand you’ve literally gotta take the fight because if not, they won’t give it to you.”

On if it bothers him having to fight at 147 because he can’t get the big fights at 140 where he feels the strongest:

“Yeah, most definitely. It’s very frustrating. I know my father’s probably the most frustrated with it. My father protects me and he wants the best for me and he’s had it out with my manager a lot, my promoter, and it’s just when it comes down to it, I gotta eat...I know I’ve been at a disadvantage. I mean in the Broner fight I buzzed him multiple times, in the Porter fight I buzzed him multiple times, and they’re able to withstand my punch at that weight. But now, I’ve been at 147 now so long I feel like my body is finally graduating into it and I feel strong and I feel like this fight is gonna show the difference.”

On what he’ll have to do differently from Rios to get this win:

“I’ve got a lot more tricks in the bag than Brandon Rios. Like I said, I’m a huge fan of his but I feel that, you know, he’s got more of one style and me, there’s multiple things I can do. And I think that’s why maybe Danny doesn’t know that — or maybe he does — but either way I’m gonna find a way to beat him and it’s gonna show.”

On what his experience was like serving as a sparring partner for Terence Crawford:

“We were never in camp [together]. We just sparred once. We’re boys and we know each other and it’s actually respect. We have a mutual friend...they actually told me when he got offered the Hank Lundy fight the other offer was me. And that was a respect to me, and it’s a business so I can’t hold nothing against Bud...He’s a great champion, pound-for-pound one of the best and I wish him all the best.”

On who he thinks wins a Crawford-Spence fight:

“I think that’s a great fight. I think that’s a fight we all want to see, me included. Spence is a complete fighter, he showed that against Mikey — he just overwhelmed him and kept him really at bay where he couldn’t do nothing...But, yeah, Terence Crawford got so many tricks and so many things he can do that really I’m just apart of the gang that wants to see that fight.”