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Vasquez urges Eubank Jr. to commit to one trainer

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Nate Vasquez lead Chris Eubank Jr. to a big win over James DeGale, but has since been on the outside looking in.

James DeGale v Chris Eubank Jr Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

Chris Eubank Jr. finally employed a full-time trainer leading into his domestic grudge match against James DeGale earlier this year and found good success, dominating DeGale over 12 rounds of action. But just as quickly as trainer Nate Vasquez entered into a training relationship with Eubank Jr., he seems to be back on the outs.

Vasquez tells Sky Sports that he hasn’t heard from Eubank Jr. since beating DeGale but that he has heard the talk of Eubank Jr. nbeing been spotted training out of Virgil Hunter’s gym in Oakland.

“I don’t know if jumping trainers will help him,” Vasquez told Sky Sports. “You can’t learn if you’re jumping trainers from time to time. If you go from trainer to trainer to trainer, it’s not good.”

Vasquez says that he got Eubank Jr. his career-best win but that he’s not upset if Eubank Jr. decides to look elsewhere, but he does advise him to stick to somebody. He also says he doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Eubank Jr. to try to reinvent himself.

“Chris wants to be a boxer but he needs a lot of work on his footwork, and his style isn’t meant to be a boxer like Roy Jones Jr or Andre Ward. Some styles can’t change and, if he changed, it wouldn’t suit him.”

At this point there’s no word on whether or not Hunter and Eubank Jr. will continue working together on an ongoing basis, but it is curious that Vasquez hasn’t gotten a call back following Eubank Jr.’s most notable victory.