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Canelo vs Jacobs live stream final press conference

Canelo Alvarez and Daniel Jacobs will take the stage today in Las Vegas.

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Today at 3 pm ET streaming live right here on Bad Left Hook (we’ll have the video for you closer to start time), plus on DAZN and also on Facebook, Canelo Alvarez and Daniel Jacobs will speak at the final press conference ahead of Saturday’s fight.

Well, not the final press conference; their final press conference. The final press conference ahead of Saturday’s fight is actually on Thursday, when the undercard fights get to have their own.

Why split up the press conferences? Well because otherwise it would take 16 hours to get through every Las Vegas businessperson, Mayor, broadcast platform executive, arena manager, casino bigwig, promoter, manager, trainer, and fighter who either actually needs to speak at this thing, or just really, really wants to speak at this thing.

So we’ll be here. This probably won’t have all the great fun of yesterday’s Grand Arrivals thread with DJ Susie blasting Cardi B and DMX over every AK and Barak interview held directly after the Claudia Trejos interview, but it’ll be something.

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