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Berchelt vs Vargas II: Live results, discussion, round by round

Miguel Berchelt and Emanuel Navarrete defend their world titles against old foes tonight on ESPN.

Mikey Williams/Top Rank




Round 1: Vargas leads with a jab to the body that falls short. Berchelt throws two jabs that land on Vargas’ gloves. Right hand lead from Vargas gets picked off. Neither fighter has landed any clean shots yet. Now Berchelt throws a combination that makes solid contact on Vargas. Another combination comes from Berchelt as Vargas covers up. Left hook partially lands for Vargas. Double left hook lands for Berchelt. Vargas throws a right hand but takes a body shot from Berchelt that strays low. Berchelt lands another left to the body that lands well. Another double left hook lands well for Berchelt before the bell. Berchelt 10-9.

Round 2: Vargas starts off with a couple of jabs that don’t find the range. Berchelt throws a counter right that partially lands. Now Berchelt goes back down to the body with left hand. Now Berchelt lands hooks on both sides of Vargas’ guard. Combination comes from Berchelt as Vargas tries to catch-and-counter. Both fighters stand in close and trade blows on the inside. Double left hook makes good contact for Berchelt again. Berchelt throws another combination to the body and head. Now Vargas tries to throws a combination but gets cut short. Vargas keeps throwing but Berchelt ducks most of them well. Hard hook s land for Berchelt! Another left hook lands for Berchelt, followed by a right hook upstairs. Vargas flurries before the bell. Berchelt 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Berchelt leads with a combination to open the round. Vargas steps in and throws a couple punches, then he eats another body shot that the referee says was low. Uppercut lands on the inside for Berchelt. Now Berchelt lands a hard left hook to the liver. Berchelt throws a flurry off the ropes and Vargas stands in and gets in a left hand downstairs. Right hand lead lands for Berchelt, who then doubles up on the left hook again. Vargas throws a four punch combination but takes a few back from Berchelt. Right hand to the body land for Berchelt, the referee then warns Vargas for illegal use of his head. Now Vargas is busted up in the face and bleeding from the bridge of his nose. Berchelt 10-9.

Round 4: Berchelt lands a jab and then throws a three punch combination as Vargas covers up. Vargas lands a clean jab and then steps forward as he tries to pin Berchelt to the ropes. Now Berchelt throws a combination and lands a hard left to the body. Right hook lands for Berchelt, then a left hook upstairs, then downstairs! Right lead lands for Vargas and both fighters start trading. Right hook lands to the body for Berchelt. Right hook lands for Berchelt again. Two punches from Berchelt lands clean and look like they buckle Vargas’ legs a little. Berchelt is landing the sharper punches, and on a much more consistent basis. Berchelt 10-9, 40-36.

Round 5: Right hand lead lands clean for Berchelt. Berchelt lands another clean left hook across Vargas’ chin. Right hand from Vargas lands on the back of the head. Now Vargas tries to follow that up with a combination that pushes Berchelt to the ropes. Berchelt gets there and starts letting punches fly, though. Vargas lands a couple of good hooks on the inside. Left hook, right hook lands for Berchelt. Another solid left to the body lands clean for Berchelt. More hooks come from Berchelt who is getting in the better punches and it’s showing. Vargas’ face is starting to fall apart. Berchelt 10-9.

Round 6: Left hook partially lands for Vargas. Berchelt starts dancing on the outside for a moment and then smothers Vargas’ offense. Combination comes from Berchelt again who makes solid contact on Vargas. Jab lands for Vargas, Berchelt goes back down tto the body with a left hook. Another combination scores for Berchelt. Right hand lands to the body for Berchelt. Right hand lands over the top for Vargas but he takes return fire from Berchelt. Berchelt now triples up the left hand and lands clean on Vargas. Berchelt 10-9, 60-54.

Vargas trainer stops the fight between rounds. Berchelt TKO-6.


Round 1: Navarrete leads with a left hook as Dogboe throws a right hand. Navarrete throws another lead hook and then sticks several jabs to keep Dogboe at range. A few more jabs come from Navarrete as he circles the ring. Dogboe jumps in with a ocuple of hard shots that don’t land clean. Dogboe leaps in with a hook that falls short — he’ll need to be careful with that. Three punches come from Navarrete who then moves to the outside. Dogboe slips and lands a couple of body shots. Dogboe rushes in again with a couple of shots that land but don’t seem to have much on them. Now Dogboe lands a hard left to the body and the fighters get tied up and Navarrete slips to the canvas. Double left hook comes from Dogboe who is loading up on hooks on the inside. Jab lands for Navarrete, then a hook downstairs. Combination comes from Navarrete before the bell. I think Navarrete edged the round back at the end. Navarrete 10-9.

Round 2: Jab lands to the body for Dogboe, who comes forward aggressively and lands a glancing shot. Jab lands for Navarrete who then eats a body shot back from Dogboe. Navarrete tries to double up on a left uppercut but doesn’t punch much on them. Now Dogboe walks in and wings some more hard body shots on Navarrete. Counter left hook makes contact for Dogboe. Noe Dogboe lands a right hand but eats a couple of shots that knocks Dogboe off balance! More body work comes from Dogboe but he’s eaten some clean shots and his eye is starting to mark up. Uppercut lands clean for Navarrete! Dogboe may be hurt! Navarrete notices he’s doing damage and is getting a little more aggressive. Navarrete 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Dogboe’s trainer is urging him to move off the line instead of coming straight forward between rounds. Dogboe leads with a combination and lands a good body shot. Jab lands for Navarrete, then a short right hand. Another long jab splits Dogboe’s guard. Dogboe swings more hooks before the two fighters end up in a clinch. Dogboe misses on a wild shot and falls off vbalance. Navarrete comes forward and lands another clean uppercut on Dogboe. Dogboe won’t be able to keep eating those shots. More uppercuts come from Navarrete, but this time to the body. Dogboe fights back and grabs hold of Navarrete and gets a warning from the referee. Navarrete comes forward and lands a clean left hook that wobbles Dogboe a little. Dogboe is on unsteady legs! Navarrete attacks forward but Dogboe doesn’t want to give in. Dogboe is fighting back but he’s in bad shape. Hook from Navarrete sends Dogboe scrambling back into the ropes at the bell! Navarrete 10-9.

Round 4: Dogboe leads with a stiff jab to the body. Dogboe eats a lead right hand from Navarrete. Two body shots come from Dogboe and he gets in a couple of shots. Double left hook lands clean for Navarrete and Dogboe takes a step back for a moment. Navarrete walks forward and presses Dogboe to the ropes, Dogboe attacks first before Navarrete can get off. Navarrete comes back forward but walks into a Dogboe jab. Right hand lands for Navarrete and he’s wobbled again! Right to the body lands for Navarrete and Dogboe hits the deck. Referee says no knockdown. Navarrete goes back on the attack and lands some body shots. Dogboe is wobbling all around the ring! Navarrete 10-9, 40-36.

Round 5: Navarrete leads with a few probing shots to measure Dogboe’s resistance. Dogboe eats a jab but jumps in with three punches, landing one to the body. Dogboe jumps in and throws several hooks to the body as he’s determined to turn things around and take his turn going on offense. Clean counter lands for Navarrete but Dogboe lands a nasty right hook to the body and gets Navarrete to the corner momentarily. Navarrete turns the tables and gets back to center ring and looks to come forward again. I think Dogboe landed the better power shots in this round. Dogboe 10-9.

Round 6: Navarrete sticks a jab to the body. Jab lands for Dogboe this time as he steps into his punching range. Left hook lead lands for Dogboe. Now Navarrete lands a right hand and Dogboe is a little busted up in the face. Three punches come from Navarrete but Dogboe defends them well. Double left hook lands again for Navarrete, then another left hook upstairs. Navarrete comes on the attack and Dogboe falls into the ropes, referee calls it a knockdown! Now Dogboe takes flurry of clean shots that visibly hurt him again! Dogboe tries to make a stand. Boy, Dogboe has some heart but he’s taking a beating. Navarrete 10-8, 59-54.

Round 7: Navarrete comes forward and lands number of hard punches as Dogboe can do little more than cover up. Dogboe tries to throw some chopping right hands on the inside but their pretty glancing. Dogboe eats two jabs and responds by coming forward behind a couple punches. Dogboe steps inside and throws a left hand to the body. Navarrete steps forward now and Dogboe is able to get off first. Dogboe did most of the work in this round despite the rough start, I’ll give it to him. Dogboe 10-9.

Round 8: Dogboe steps forward with a number of hook and then wraps Navarrete up. Navarrete steps in and throws three punches and Dogboe responds with several shots. Big shot lands for Navarrete but Dogboe manages to take that shot well, somehow. Right hand lands for Navarrete, who then puts another right hand to the body shortly after. Dogboe lunges forward but can’t land clean. Navarrete steps out of range of three punches from Dogboe and then takes a right hand, then another. Right hand from Navarrete knocks Dogboe back into the ropes to end the round. Navarrete 10-9, 78-73.

Round 9: Dogboe charges forward behind a number of hooks that are largely ineffective. Dogboe misses on a right hook from the outside and Navarrete takes his time and lands a right hand to the body. One-two lands for Navarrete. Long right hand lands clean for Navarrete this time! Left lands to the body for Navarrete. Left hook lands clean for Navarrete who then misses on a follow up punch. Right hand lead lands again for Navarrete and Dogboe starts moving backwards. Another right hand lead lands for Navarrete and knocks Dogboe to the ropes again! This is one of those scary fights where it feels like Dogboe is taking a lot of concussive blows but not getting knocked out. Navarrete 10-9.

Round 10: Both fighters trade punches and fall into a clinch. This is the kind of fight that may ruin Dogboe’s career going forward. Dogboe looks like he’s in bad shape but he just have to much heart to quit on his own. He’s taken a real beating thus far and a trip to the hospital looks like it’s on the menu. Navarrete is just taking his time and looking for a big shot to finish Dogboe off, knowing Dogboe is badly wounded. Dogboe is still punching back but Navarrete comes on and partially lands a left hand along the ropes. Navarrete 10-9, 98-91.

Round 11: Clean jab splits Dogboe’s guard right away. More jabs come from Navarrete and Dogboe smothers the attack by rushing into a clinch. Jab lands again for Navarrete. Yet another jab lands clean for Navarrete. Navarrete lands more jabs as Dogboe circles the outside of the ring. Navarrete walks forward and then slips a couple of Dogboe punches. Uppercut lands for Navarrete and hurts Dogboe again. Dogboe wobbles all the way across the ring as his legs are still unsteady. This is ugly. Why this hasn’t been stopped is beyond me. Navarrete 10-9.

Round 12: Both fighters touch gloves to start the round. Navarrete throws a one-two that is blocked by Dogboe. Jab lands clean for Navarrete. Right hand lands upstairs for Navarrete but Dogboe throws more hooks that falls short before grabbing hold of Navarrete. Right hand lands again for Navarrete. Dogboe is still unsteady on his feet and he’s been wobbly for nearly the whole fight. Now Dogboe finally hits the deck on a punch from Navarrete. Navarrete is hury though and it looks like he’s broken his hand. Dogboe’s father/incompetent trainer finally throws in the towel. Navarrete TKO-12.

Tonight at 10:00 pm ET from Tucson, Arizona, ESPN goes live with a world title doubleheader, both fights rematches, featuring Miguel Berchelt and Emanuel Navarrete defending their titles against the men they beat to win them.

The fights will also air on BoxNation in the UK, starting from 2:30 am UK time.

Bad Left Hook will be here with live coverage, with Wil Esco on the round-by-round call for the main card on ESPN.

Berchelt beat Vargas back in Jan. 2017 in a bloody war to win the WBC super featherweight title, while Navarrete upset Dogboe just five months ago to take the WBO super bantamweight title.

ESPN+ will also have live streaming prelim coverage starting at 6:30 pm ET, featuring 2016 Olympic gold medalist Fazliddin Gaibnazarov taking on a literally tall task in 6’3” junior welterweight Mykal Fox.

Here’s the full lineup:

ESPN+ (6:30 pm ET)

  • Fazliddin Gaibnazarov (7-0, 4 KO) vs Mykal Fox (19-1, 5 KO), junior welterweights, 10 rounds
  • Carlos Castro (22-0, 9 KO) vs Mario Diaz (18-2, 7 KO), super bantamweights, 10 rounds
  • Miguel Marriaga (27-3, 23 KO) vs Ruben Cervera (10-1, 9 KO), lightweights, 8 rounds
  • Miguel Parra (16-1-1, 11 KO) vs David Morales (13-10, 13 KO), junior welterweights, 6 rounds
  • Manny Guajardo (4-0, 0 KO) vs Jonathan Espino (2-3, 2 KO), junior middleweights, 4 rounds
  • Carlos Velazquez (1-0, 0 KO) vs Demetrius Mora (0-2, 0 KO), lightweights, 4 rounds

ESPN (10:00 pm ET)

  • Miguel Berchelt (35-1, 31 KO) vs Francisco Vargas (25-1-2, 18 KO), rematch, super featherweights, 12 rounds
  • Emanuel Navarrete (26-1, 22 KO) vs Isaac Dogboe (20-1, 14 KO), rematch, super bantamweights, 12 rounds

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