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Tyson Fury talks WBC Dillian Whyte order, Andy Ruiz Jr, Deontay Wilder, and more

Tyson Fury discussed a bunch of heavyweight boxing topics in a laid-back interview session.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Tyson Fury sat down with Michelle Joy Phelps for a long interview, discussing a plethora of topics, including the WBC and Dillian Whyte situation, Andy Ruiz Jr, Deontay Wilder, and more.

As always, Fury is candid and honest — at least his version of the details, anyway — and it’s worth a watch.

On the WBC ordering a Fury-Dillian Whyte eliminator

“I don’t really think too much of it. I’m the lineal heavyweight champion of the world — I fight who I want, when I want, how I want. I don’t need to fight eliminators to fight people. I already had a Deontay Wilder fight the other day without an eliminator. I definitely don’t need an eliminator.

“I think it’s very unfair the way that they’re treating Dillian Whyte. He’s had to fight some good men, some undefeated men, and work his way back up the ladder. And I’m starting to believe what he says, that they don’t want him to fight for the title, maybe, because they’ve ordered him to fight me and that’s a guaranteed loss. He’s fighting another good fella, Oscar Rivas, in his next fight. I don’t know what more he has to do. He’s No. 1 ranked. Give the guy a title shot, for God’s sake.”

“I ain’t being ordered to do anything by anybody. I’ve got me own shit going on. I’m going at me own pace. I do what I wanna do.”

On talk that he’ll retire in three more fights

“I didn’t say retirement, I said I’ll be gone. I said I’m gonna have three fights and then be gone. I meant I’ll be gone for the year, like, some time off. I have a five-fight deal (with ESPN), so I don’t think so. I fooled y’all! No, I’ve only just started. I’m only a young pup. I’m just started to come into me second career, I’ve only had a few fights back. This is me fourth defense of my lineal championship of the world. I’m really looking forward to it.”

On Tom Schwarz

“He brings some interesting challenges. He’s a big lump, 6’5½”, 6’6”, 255-260 pounds. Ambitious, undefeated. Good combination, good feet. What’s not to like? Good looking.”

On fans not being excited about the fight

“I believe everybody deserves a chance. Tom Schwarz is No. 2 with the WBO and top 10 with the IBF. I was 24-0 when I dethroned Wladimir (Klitschko), and I won’t overlook Tom Schwarz. He’s a dangerous hombre, dangerous customer, and he’s coming to take me out. Anybody who fights me, they know if they beat me they’re on the road to riches and fortune and good luck, and they become the lineal champion. I don’t take anybody lightly, I train as hard for Tom Schwarz as I do for Deontay Wilder. Tom Schwarz is definitely coming to take my head and put it on a plate on his mantelpiece. Nobody hears of anybody until they break through, until they have that breakthrough fight. This could be his coming out party. Viva Las Vegas, Tyson Fury, lineal championship on the line. It’s all to play for.”

On a rematch between he and Wilder this year

“I think 2019. I think December we’re gonna see the rematch, you’ll see me kick his ass again. This time, though, he won’t be able to live with me. I’ve not just had two little fight comebacks. I’ve been back way over a year, strong at the weight, don’t have to lose any weight. He had his biggest opportunity of his life to beat me, and he couldn’t do it. Never again will he have that opportunity of a Tyson Fury only 40 percent of what he should be. After three years out of the ring of drunken alcohol abuse, mental health problems, 10 stone weight loss, and he still couldn’t beat me.

“How much better am I than these guys? I don’t know, but we’ll find out. Even when he knocked me down in round nine, he had over two minutes to finish me, couldn’t do shit. When he knocked me down, knocked me out in round 12, he had over two minutes to finish me. Mentally, he’s a broken character, because he knows I’ve took his best punches and come back and hurt him afterwards.”

On Wilder saying Fury is the reason the rematch didn’t happen

“I’m Ray Charles to the bullshit. ... I think it’s coming off. It’ll have to happen. I beat him once, and I’ll beat him again.”

On promoter/network issues maybe preventing the rematch

“I don’t believe in all that stuff, networks and promoters. When two fighters wanna fight, they’ll fight. When people mention my name, they get a fight. Sooner or later, they have to fight. No matter how much they talk bullshit, sooner or later the big boys have to fight each other.”

On Joshua vs Ruiz and Andy Ruiz Jr thinking Fury took a shot at him

“Don’t underestimate Andy Ruiz Jr, Mr. Snickers. The little guy can fight! He can fight, I like him. Do not judge a book by its cover. ... I posted a picture of the little fat kid from Up and I put it aside of Andy, and I said, ‘Who remembers the kid from Up? He’s now fighting Anthony Joshua for the world heavyweight title.’ But I didn’t slate Andy Ruiz Jr. I’ve got no reason to slate people. I think he thinks because I said he was fat — mate, welcome to the club, I’m a fat man, too! But I can fight, just like you, mush!

“I don’t judge a book by covers, just because people are fat or whatever doesn’t mean he can’t fight, it’s heavyweight boxing. (Adam Kownacki) can fight, too, the other little fat fella. The fat fellas can fight, for some reason. All fat people can fight! If Eddie (Hearn) is trying to brainwash Andy that I said he’s a fat cunt, I really didn’t.”

On his relationship with Eddie Hearn

“Good banter. Eddie loves taking a bit of stick from me. He’s a fanboy. ... Eddie Hearn is a tit, and he knows that, and I know that, and the rest of the world knows that. ... Eddie Hearn’s got a mancrush on me, that’s all it is. When somebody fancies somebody, they do nasty things to them all the time and they talk shit about them. So whenever you see Eddie Hearn say all the bullshit about me and you get me responding back to him, it’s because he’s got a mancrush on me and he obviously fancies me, doesn’t he? Don’t you, Eddie? ... I’m going to take him out for a drink next time I see him. I’m gonna take him out and get him a double gin and tonic with some fruit on the side. I’ll even give him a ringside ticket to me fight in Vegas, and you can even come, Eddie, and have a drink with me after the fight.”

On Hearn criticizing Fury-Schwarz

“It’s jealousy. Eddie Hearn can’t fight. Tom Schwarz would hit with Eddie with one jab and a left hook and put him out for a week. How can anybody be very critical of anybody else? Where is Andy Ruiz Jr rated in the rankings? He’s not (top 10). No chance. I think they may have put him in at No. 15 in one of the organizations. I know Tom Schwarz is No. 2 by the WBO, and I’m No. 4. ... Ruiz is 15 IBF, five WBA. You can’t really talk about rankings or anything, it is what it is. Rankings don’t mean shit, anyway, to be fair. If he can fight, he can fight. If he can’t, you get found out anyway.”

On Kubrat Pulev being a future opponent

“Whoever fights will come. Pulev doesn’t really have anything that frightens me. He’s getting on a bit, he’s close to 40 years old. Bit of a jab on him. Nothing I couldn’t splatter. It is what it is with Pulev, really. ... I know him because I’m a boxing mastermind, but the average person in the street wouldn’t have heard of (Pulev, Schwarz, or Ruiz).”

On his stardom

“I’m the biggest name in world boxing, barring none. Tyson Fury, aka The Gypsy King, worldwide known to be the master assassin and the king of sting.”

There’s much more in the interview, so give it a watch.

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