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Taylor vs Baranchyk / Inoue vs Rodriguez: Live streaming results, discussion, round by round

Two world title fights, four unbeaten fighters, two tournament final spots on the line.

World Boxing Super Series




Round 1: Baranchyk leads with two jabs that fall short. Now Baranchyk throws a right to the body, Taylor counters with a hook upstairs. Baranchyk throws two monster punches that just miss Taylor. Taylor leads with a right hook to the body from his southpaw stance. Baranchyk misses on a right hand and Taylor throws a short combination that makes contact on Baranchyk. Baranchyk throws an overhand right that doesn’t land clean but then sticks a jab to the body. Left hand lead lands for Taylor, who then ducks a Baranchyk counter. Hard left hook lands for Baranchyk this time, though. Taylor flicks a few jabs and then misses on a left to the body. Baranchyk misses with a with left hand. Another big left misses badly for Baranchyk. Taylor 10-9.

Round 2: Baranchyk partially lands a left hook to to open th eround. Now Baranchyk throws a right hand downstairs. Taylor throws a left hand but Baranchyk covers up well. Left misses for Baranchyk. Another winging left hand from Baranchyk misses badly and he flies off balance. Left to the body lands for Taylor, then a couple of follow up punches that partially land. Baranchyk whiffs on three huge shots. He’s going to get tired if he keeps misses on haymakers like that. Taylor lands a couple of shots and then slips a shot from Baranchyk. Right to the body lands for Taylor but the referee says it was a little low. Taylor comes forward and throws a couple hooks that Baranchyk blocks. Taylor 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Baranchyk charges forward with a couple shots but Taylor pulls out of range. Baranchyk sneaks in a little uppercut this time but can’t land the follow up shot. Taylor goes back to the body and then gets a left hook upstairs to land. Baranchyk lands a couple of good body shots as he backs Taylor to a corner. Taylor gets back to center ring and blocks a big hook from Baranchyk. Taylor lands a hard body shot at center ring. Now Taylor presses forward a little and gets in a body shit. Baranchyk tries to take the lead again and throws two hooks that don’t land clean. Right to the body partially lands for Baranchyk. I think Baranchyk edged this round. Baranchyk 10-9.

Round 4: Baranchyk lands a right hand as he rushes Taylor to a corner to open the round. Taylor leads with a left hand and then lands two hard uppercuts on the inside which gets Baranchyk’s attention. He felt those punches. Baranchyk takes a deep breath and steps forward with a couple of wide hooks with Taylor along the ropes. Jab to the body falls just short for Baranchyk. Taylor leads with a right hook upstairs that lands. Baranchyk throws two jabs that don’t land and then he misses on a right hand. Jab lands for Taylor at cente ring. Left to the body lands for Taylor just before the bell. Taylor 10-9, 39-37.

Round 5: Baranchyk leads with several big punches but misses each of them. Uppercut from Baranchyk lands this time, though. A hard right to the body lands for Baranchyk. Taylor sneaks in a left hand to the body. Now Taylor lands a jab followed by a left to the body. Chopping right hand makes contact for Baranchyk. Hard shot lands for Taylor and Baranchyk wants to mix it up. UPpercut lands on the inside for Baranchyk, then a few more follow up punches! Taylor regains his footing and starts bouncing around the outside. There’s a small cut over Taylors left eye, and his nose might be bleeding. Baranchyk 10-9.

Round 6: Baranchyk also has a small cut over his left eye, it appears. Baranchyk leads the round with a few shots that Taylor is able to parry. Hard body shot lands for Baranchyk. Taylor flicks a jab and then moves to the side. Right hook to the body lands for Taylor. Now Taylor lands a right hook upstairs. Another clean right hook lead lands for Taylor. Taylor throws an uppercut that lands, Baranchyk tries to maul him back. Right hook lands to the body for Taylor this time now, and then pushes Baranchyk with his forearm to create space. HARD RIGHT HAND LANDS FOR TAYLOR AND DROPS BARANCHYK! Baranchyk beats the count and looks like he’s fairly okay, it was a flash knockdown. Taylor won’t give Baranchyk a chance to breath, though, and keeps throwing punches until Baranchyk falls back down again!. Taylor 10-7, 58-54.

Round 7: Taylor leads with and uppercut and lands a wicked right hook to the body that visibly hurts Baranchyk. Baranchyk is hunched over a little more than usual now as he tries to protect that body. Taylor goes back to the body with his left hand and Baranchyk throws an overhand right before going on a short flurry to the body. Left hook comes from Baranchyk to the body. Taylor returns with two right hooks to the body. Right hand lands upstairs for Baranchyk, Taylor responds by going back to his jab. Baranchyk throws a short combination on the inside, but it’s not too effective. Jab lands clean for Taylor at short range. Hard left hook comes from Taylor but Baranchyk rides the punch. Taylor tees off on Baranchyk on the ropes but Baranchyk pushes back and starts throwing his own shots. Fun fight! Taylor 10-9.

Round 8: Baranchyk is in a precarious position here, if he continues to apply too much pressure he’ll probably get clipped, but he’s down big on points. Taylor lands a right hook to the body. Baranchyk thows a one-two as Taylor covers up. Right uppercut lands for Taylor. Jab lands for Baranchyk. Hard left to the body lands for Taylor. Now Taylor lands a clean left hook to Baranchyk’s head. Hard left to the body lands for Baranchyk. Taylor 10-9, 78-72.

Round 9: Baranchyk tries to take the lead but Taylor meets him with a straight shot. Right to the body lands for Taylor. Taylor throws a few measuring jabs and then goes back to the body with a right hook. Uppercut lands on the inside for Taylor. Taylor lands a right hook lead at center ring and then throws a straight left to the body. Right hand falls short for Baranchyk. Taylor throws a combination, Baranchyk returns the favor. Jab lands for Taylor as Baranchyk steps forward. Baranchyk comes back in again anyway and throws three punches that push Taylor to the ropes. Taylor is definitely doing the cleaner work. Taylor 10-9.

Round 10: Baranchyk leads with a left hook to the body. Taylor pushes back with three pucnhes that don’t land clean. Now Taylor lands a clean counter uppercut to the body. Right hook lands upstairs for Taylor and knocks Baranchyk off balance momentarily. Baranchyk throws four punches on the inside but only hits the arms. Uppercut partially lands for Taylor in response. Counter right and then a left hook lands for Baranchyk. Taylor gets right back with a body shot and then steps out of range. Taylor lands several clean hooks upstairs and Baranchyk tries to come back with a few hooks of his own. Hard right hook to the body lands for Taylor. Taylor 10-9, 98-90.

Round 11: Baranchyk misses on a jab to start the round and then tries to rush Taylor, who manages to stay well out of punching range. Baranchyk falls short on a right hand lead. Another right hand from Baranchyk misses, but now Baranchyk lands a right hand that buckles Taylor’s knees for a second! Taylor regains his footing and slips a Baranchyk shot. Taylor is taking this round off it would seem, mostly defending and taking a breather. Baranchyk leaps in with a right hand but it doesn’t land clean. Flurry comes from Baranchyk as Taylor covers up. Three more body shots come fro Baranchyk, two of them looked to land well. Right hand glances off Taylor’s face. Baranchyk 10-9.

Round 12: Both fighters hug quickly to start the round. Baranchyk charges forward with two shots but Taylor steps out of range. Taylor circles the ring then gets tangled up with Baranchyk once he starts throwing. Taylor stands and trades with Baranchyk now, throwing a short flurry of punches. Baranchyk comes back forward but Taylor flicks out a couple jabs. Left to the body lands for Baranchyk but he misses the follow up hook. Baranchyk has Taylor in the corner and knows he has to take advantage of it now! Baranchyk throws a few punches and gets in one good one. Taylor and Baranchyk clash heads and it might’ve opened up Taylor’s cut a bit more. Baranchyk throws a few hooks but the y miss and Taylor stalks forward and throws a combiantion of his own. Both fighters are throwing and the crowd is elated! Taylor 10-9. I’ve got if scored wide for Taylor, 117-109.


Round 1: Rodriguez takes center ring and lands a straight right hand right away. Inoue akes a step of the line and eats a jab. Rodriguez looks much bigger and stronger inside the ring. Inoue throws a jab to the head and body, then lands a right hand of his own. Left hook lands for Inoue, who then flurries and lands a left hook, then takes a right hand from Rodriguez. Good action early! Both fighters trade jabs. Jab lands for Inoue now. Rodriguez backs Inoue to the ropes but Inoue escapes and lands a hard body shot. Left to the body lands low for Rodriguez and gets a warning. Left hook lands upstairs for Rodriguez. Rodriguez misses on a huge left hook. Jab lands for Rodriguez. I think Inoue stole this round back but Rodriguez proved he can land. Inoue 10-9.

Round 2: Rodriguez presses forward again and partially lands a jab. Inoue flurries back and gets in a stinging right hand. Right hand lands for Rodriguez and Inoue counters with a hook that drops Rodriguez! Rodriguez beats the count but Inoue just rushes in with a body shot that puts Rodriguez right back down! Rodriguez gets up at the count of eight but Inoue is still on the attack and lands another body shot that puts Rodriguez down again! It’s over this time! Inoue TKO-2.

The World Boxing Super Series is back today in Glasgow, as Josh Taylor meets Ivan Baranchyk and Naoya Inoue takes on Emmanuel Rodriguez in two meetings of four unbeaten fighters, with world titles on the line at 140 and 118, as well as slots in the tournament finals later this year.

The show goes live at 2:00 pm ET on DAZN in the US, and 9:00 pm UK time on Sky Sports Action in the UK. The UK airing would be 4:00 pm ET, which is probably when we’ll get the two fights everyone cares about, and for which Wil Esco will be here for live round-by-round updates.

Here’s the full lineup and running order.

DAZN (2:00 pm ET)

  • (swing fight) Reece McFadden (2-0, 1 KO) vs Georgi Georgiev (7-14-1, 4 KO), super bantamweights, 4 rounds
  • Lee McGregor (5-0, 5 KO) vs Brett Fidoe (13-50-5, 6 KO), super bantamweights, 6 rounds
  • Zach Parker (17-0, 11 KO) vs Steven Crambert (8-4, 4 KO), super middleweights, 8 rounds
  • Paul Butler (28-2, 14 KO) vs Salvador Hernandez Sanchez (14-8-1, 9 KO), bantamweights, 8 rounds
  • Naoya Inoue (17-0, 15 KO) vs Emmanuel Rodriguez (19-0, 12 KO), bantamweights, 12 rounds
  • Josh Taylor (14-0, 12 KO) vs Ivan Baranchyk (19-0, 12 KO), junior welterweights, 12 rounds

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