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Oscar De La Hoya talk Gennady Golovkin-Abel Sanchez split

The promoter says he thinks Golovkin has done enough for Sanchez over the years.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

During this media scrum captured by Fight Hub TV, Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya shares some of his thoughts on Gennady Golovkin parting ways with longtime trainer Abel Sanchez and why he thinks it’ll take a while for Golovkin to get comfortable with a new trainer. Check it out...

De La Hoya on Gennady Golovkin’s split with trainer Abel Sanchez:

“Well, look, I mean, it’s sad. It’s sad that GGG and Abel have split because you never wanna see anything like that in any sport — especially in boxing. I mean Abel was there right from the start. But, look, money does funny things to you, you know? And it’s a little sad for Abel but look, I think GGG has done enough for Abel. I’m sure he appreciates Abel and it’s time for GGG to move on and he’s looking for other ways to get better, you know, just like I did.

“I had six trainers in my whole career. So I was always looking to get better but the difference with GGG is that he’s not at the beginning of his career, he’s towards to later end of his career. So I wish them both the best, for both guys.”

On how hard it is to transition to a new trainer:

“It takes about three fights, about three fights to kinda get that rhythm going and feel comfortable. I mean, I talk from experience. My best trainer I’ve ever had was Floyd Sr. and I remember the first fight, second fight, it’s like I was my old self. It’s like when the first bell rang the instincts kick in. But now it’s like the third fight, fourth fight, it’s like now I can see what Mayweather has been teaching me, you know? So it takes a while. I’m not sure how many fights GGG has in him but it’s gonna be a little while.”

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