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Canelo vs Jacobs: Joseph Diaz Jr and Freddy Fonseca get physical at press conference

There’s some heat between JoJo Diaz and Freddy Fonseca ahead of Saturday’s fight.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

On Tuesday at the Grand Arrivals in Las Vegas for the Canelo-Jacobs card, super featherweight contender Joseph Diaz Jr took issue with some of his upcoming opponent Freddy Fonseca’s behavior.

To be specific, Fonseca sort of shot his head toward Diaz during their staredown. Diaz totally ignored it and stayed professional, but said on Twitter after that “come Saturday, I’m fucking him up for this.”

At today’s undercard press conference, both Diaz (28-1, 14 KO) and Fonseca (26-2-1, 17 KO) were completely normal when it was their turn to speak, no big animosity or anything. I mean, they both said they’d win, and Diaz sounded pretty fired up during his speech, but didn’t direct anything particularly aggressive toward Fonseca, he even thanked him for coming in from Nicaragua for the fight.

Then they did another staredown photo opportunity, Fonseca stuck his fist in Diaz’s chin, and Diaz finally lost his cool:

I feel bad for the poor Tecate girl that got hit by the shoved Fonseca. She’s just trying to do her job, guys.

But bless her, she heroically tries to keep up her smile:

Shaken, but she presses on.

Big shout out to Jonathan Oquendo, who faces Lamont Roach Jr on Saturday, for hopping in there and breaking things up.

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