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Joseph Diaz Jr responds to Tevin Farmer: If he won’t give me a shot, why bother with him?

Joseph Diaz Jr responds to Tevin Farmer’s interview after their confrontation in Las Vegas.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Joseph Diaz Jr got into it on Thursday with IBF super featherweight titleholder Tevin Farmer, and the two both spoke with Marcos Villegas after.

Farmer said that he felt Diaz had disrespected him on social media, and vowed to not give Diaz a title shot. Diaz speaks on the situation himself in this video.

On his altercation with Tevin Farmer

“I was going down to do some interviews and then Tevin Farmer came behind me, started talking. I looked back and it was Tevin. I put my head on his head, I was like, ‘Dude, we can make this fight happen right now, man.’ I’m a nice guy, I’m a humble guy, I smile and stuff, but I ain’t with all that disrespect. I don’t let anybody disrespect me, I don’t let anybody put their hands on me or anything like that. I can be nice to you as long as you respect me and I respect you, don’t ever put your hands on me or don’t ever disrespect me. That’s when I get heated and I get pissed off.

“Tevin Farmer, he started saying, ‘let’s make the fight happen’ and I’m little and stuff. I was, like, ‘Man we sent you two contracts, we wanted you to fight this weekend.’ He’s just talking a whole bunch of shit, talking a whole bunch of nonsense.

“He was like, ‘You gotta get rid of this guy, you gotta get this job done Saturday.’ I was, like, ‘Man, this guy’s easy work. I’m gonna beat the shit out of this guy and then we can make it happen in June or July.’ I know he has a fight in June or July, something like that set, so if I get rid of this guy fast, I would love to fight him in June or July. I’m ready to go out there and beat him up, man. He’s talking a lot of smack. He thinks he’s all that because he’s a champion, but at the end of the day, we’re all human, we all bleed, we all sweat, we all have emotions. He ain’t nothing special, he’s just a fighter. I’m gonna go out there and just do my thing. But I gotta get the job done with Freddy Fonseca first and worry about that. Once all that is all said and done, then we can focus on Tevin Farmer.”

On Farmer saying he went up to Diaz because of prior disrespect

“It is what it is. If he wants to come up to me, respect that I’m gonna retaliate back. I’m not gonna fuckin’ back down. What does he think, that I’m gonna be a little bitch and be scared about it? Hell no. If he wants to come up to me, I’m gonna retaliate, too, I’m gonna put my foot down. As long as he don’t put his hands on me, if he just wants to talk shit, I’ll talk shit back.

“I respect him as a fighter, I respect him. I respect that he had a couple losses and he fuckin’ became champion after all that adversity. I respect his grind, I respect his hustle. For him to come over here and act all silly like that — I think he’s just trying to get me out of my game plan and not on Freddy Fonseca. I’m just focusing on Freddy Fonseca right now. After Saturday night, that’s when we can actually talk about Tevin Farmer again.”

On Farmer saying he’ll make Diaz wait

“He’s just fuckin’ playing games. I ain’t with that little childish shit. If he wants to fucking play games like that, I’m not even gonna acknowledge him anymore. If he’s not gonna give me the opportunity to fight for the world title in his next fight or my next fight, then why even fuckin’ bother with him? He’s just another fuckin’ person, I just won’t even worry about him or acknowledge him anymore and focus on the (other champions), focus on trying to get the Cancio-Machado winner or the Miguel Berchelt-Francisco Vargas winner.”

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