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RJJ Boxing results: Simone Da Silva dominates Ikram Kerwat on UFC Fight Pass

Tonight was meant to be a showcase for Ikram Kerwat, but she was totally outclassed by Simone Da Silva.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Ikram Kerwat is trained by Roy Jones Jr and was the advertised A-side of tonight’s UFC Fight Pass main event from Tucson, Arizona, but the Tunisian-German fighter got stone cold outclassed tonight against Brazil’s Simone Da Silva, losing a clear and wide 10-round decision.

Da Silva won on scores of 98-92, 99-91, and 100-90. Bad Left Hook scored the fight 100-90 for Da Silva.

Da Silva (16-12, 6 KO) hadn’t won in a boxing ring since 2016, and came into this fight having lost eight of her last nine. But she just completely took Kerwat (9-2, 5 KO) apart in this one, never giving the favorite any chance to develop a rhythm. Da Silva was better than Kerwat in every single aspect of the fight — offense, defense, ring generalship, activity, power, combinations. There was nothing that Kerwat could do with her.

Da Silva, who is also 8-1 in mixed martial arts, was of course overjoyed by her victory, while a dejected Kerwat said she would like a rematch and that she’s going to keep on fighting.

Alfonso Olvera D-6 Carlos Villa

Olvera (11-5-3, 4 KO) is a local fighter and may have gotten some local help on the cards here, but the decision isn’t outrageous or anything. Scores were 58-56 Olvera, 58-56 Villa, and 57-57. I had 58-56 Villa (14-3-2, 6 KO). It was a decent fight, went on last so that they had a local fighter at the end of the show to keep fans in their seats, which is smart.

Max Ornelas TKO-2 Alex Rangel

Ornelas (13-0-1, 5 KO) is a 20-year-old bantamweight prospect. I missed this fight because I had to make a fast run to CVS and wound up behind two (2) people signing up for CVS cards, but I was informed that Ornelas “toyed with and then took his opponent out with like an eight-punch combo; wasn’t in with much but you could see his class.” Rangel is now 17-10-4 (11 KO) and has lost five of his last six, with the one he didn’t lose a draw.

Nick Rhoads D-4 Eduardo Ayala

A couple of Arizona middleweights, Ayala from Phoenix, Rhoads from Tucson, and it wound up a very fun four-round fight. I’m not going to lie and say either of these guys are headed for world titles, but it was entertaining action. Scores were 39-37 Ayala, 39-37 Rhoads, and 38-38. I had it 38-38, for what it’s worth.

Rhoads went 9-4 in lower-tier MMA from 2010-17, but says he’s focused entirely on boxing now. He’s 29 years old and now 5-0-1 (2 KO) in boxing, so again, not exactly stalking Canelo, but I’d be happy to watch the guy fight again. Same goes for 26-year-old Ayala, who is now 4-0-1 (1 KO).

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