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Ito vs Herring: Live results, discussion, round by round

Masayuki Ito defends the WBO super featherweight title against Jamel Herring on ESPN.

Mikey Williams/Top Rank




Round 1: Herring flashes a jab that falls a little short. Another jab from Herring misses and Ito falls short on a right hand. Now Ito tries a left hand to the body. Herring lands a left hand to Ito’s body. Jab lands for Herring as he blocks Ito’s response. Jab lands over the top for Herring again. Ito misses on a right to the body and Herring misses on his left downstairs. Counter from Herring knocks Ito off balance. Counter right from Herring clips Ito. Left to the body lands for Herring. Ito tries a looping right that doesn’t land clean. Another left to the body lands for Herring, who looks comfortable early. Herring 10-9.

Round 2: Ito probes with jabs to the head and body but Herring jumps in and lands a hard straight left to the body, then another. Another left to the body lands for Herring, and Ito hasn’t had an answer to defend that shot yet. Ito makes partial contact on a wide right hook. Herring misses on a left hand to the body this time but Ito misses on his counter. Herring flashes a jab upstairs and slips Ito’s counter. Left to the body doesn’t land clean for Ito. Right hook lands for Herring as Ito gets in a right of his own. Herring goes down to the body with a left hand. Right hand lands for Ito, who then tries to bring it down to the body. Ito 10-9, 19-19.

Round 3: Herring starts with a jab and then tries to parry down Ito’s lead jab so he can come over the top. Check hook lands for Herring. More jabs come from Herring and even though they’re not all landing clean they’re keeping Ito at range. Counter jab lands for Herring. Ito comes in with a right hand and Herring meets him with a jab, then a straight left to the body. Another left to the body lands for Herring. Ito misses on a right, left combination. Counter left lands back down to the body for Herring, then another. Herring continues to score with that punch. Ito jumps forward behind a couple punches that miss the mark. Jab lands for Herring as he continues to keep Ito where he wants him. Herring 10-9.

Round 4: Herring throws a jab that falls short. Herring lands a jab upstairs this time. Hard one-two lands clean for Herring, snapping Ito’s head back. Herring tries another one-two but can’t land the left this time. Ito throws a right hook that lands on Herring’s chest. Herring ducks a left hook from Ito and the fighters get tied up. Ito misses on another one-two with some lunging punches. Right hook from Herring cuffs Ito’s head and tosses him into the ropes. Ito misses on a lead right hand upstairs. Jab and check right hook lands for Herring as he pivots along the ropes. Another check hook from Herring clips Ito. Herring 10-9, 39-37.

Round 5: Both fighters end up in a clinch right away. Ito charges in and is starting to get a little reckless. Right hand lands for Ito and then he gets in Herring’s chest and tries to hit him with his free hand. Herring picks Ito off after the break and gets back to his jab. Right hook lands for Herring as Ito steps in. One-two makes decent contact for Herring and the fighters end up in another clinch. Herring throws several jabs at center ring, landing one. Right hand from Ito partially lands. Hard right hook lands to the body for Herring, then another check hook upstairs. One-two lands for Herring, then another clean left hand! Herring 10-9.

Round 6: Jab lands for Herring and he then throws another check hook to pick off Ito’s counter. Another left hand lands for Herring and Ito tries to jump in on Herring but only ends up in a clinch. Jab lands for Herring again, but Ito lands a counter right. Now Herring lands a shot as Ito falls off balance again. Herring throws several shots and then ties up Ito as he pushes him to the ropes. Left to the body lands for Herring. Now Herring counters with a jab over the top. Check hook lands for Herring, Ito tries to get in a right hand. Ito has looked every but as limited as I thought. He has a right hand, but that’s literally it, and that’s too easy for Herring to be on the lookout for. Herring 10-9, 59-55.

Round 7: Herring partially lands a counter left and then tries to lead with it. Ito lands a right hand as he steps in, but not at clean as he would’ve hoped. Left hand comes from Herring as Ito covers up. Herring throws a couple of sharp punches that land on Ito from the outside. Herring counters with a jab and the a left to the body. Short uppercut lands for Herring on the inside. Ito leaps in with a right hand, missing and falling into a clinch. Two body shots land for Herring. Now a jab lands for Herring. Herring is cruising. Herring 10-9.

Round 8: Herring jabs and Ito lands a counter right hand. Jab lands for Herring over the top. Two body shots come from Herring, then two from Ito in return. Herring starts throwing in body shots on the inside, and Ito wants to trade and make this a war. Herring should really just stick to what’s been working, and he’s been thoroughly outboxing Ito at range. Left hand comes from Herring, who then whips in a couple body shots at close range. Counter lands for Herring during an exchange. Now Ito walks in and gets in a couple good shots. Herring looks like he has some bloody in his mouth now. I think Herring edged this round but it was close. Herring 10-9, 79-73.

Round 9: Herring’s trainer urges him to get back to boxing at range instead of giving Ito a chance in a shootout. Ito leads with a right hand that doesn’t land. Jab lands for Herring, who then hooks and pivots. Jab lands for Herring again, who seems to be taking his trainer’s good advice. Ito tries to jab but doesn’t land it. Now Ito lands a right hand to the body, then an uppercut to the body. Counter right hook comes from Herring but it doesn’t find the mark. Ito throws a few punches and Herring might be starting to slow down now. Jab lands for Herring now. Herring is sticking the jab and moving and Ito leaps in with a left hook to the body. Herring 10-9.

Round 10: Both fighters clash heads as they try to exchange. Ito is getting more aggressive and lands a right hand to the body. Now Ito lands a left hook to the body. Ito walks in and just misses on a left to the body this time. Jab lands for Ito. Herring tries a left to the body. Now Ito lands his right hand downstairs and the fighters clinch again. I think Ito got in the better punches this round. Ito 10-9, 92-98.

Round 11: Ito tries a right hand and Herring throws a jab and right hook. Jab lands for Herring, who then tries to follow it up with a couple more punches before Ito grabs hold. Both fighters are fighting in the phone booth again, and this is where Ito has chances. Herring gets back to this jab after the break and lands a check hook as Ito rushes in again. Uppercut lands on the inside for Herring. Hard right hook from Herring knocks Ito off balance and his gloves touch the canvas but it’s ruled a slip. I thought that was a knockdown. Jab lands for Herring again, then another right hook. Herring 10-9.

Round 12: Ito jumps in and Herring ducks the attack. Herring lands a check hook and then a jab. Herring pushes Ito back to the ropes. Jab lands again for Herring and the fighters end up in a clinch. Ito throws a short uppercut on the inside. Left hand lands for Herring. Ito lands a right hand to the body. Herring digs to the body and Ito responds in kind. Ito jumps in again but Herring ducks into a clinch. Left to the body lands for Herring, then a check hook. Ito throws a little left uppercut lead that partially lands. Hard right hand lands for Ito and puts Herring on the move. Ito 10-9, but it’s not enough. I’ve got wide for Herring who outboxed Ito throughout the fight, 117-111


Round 1: Lozada opens up with a jab to the body and head. Lozada pressure more and throws a number of punches that back Pedraza to the ropes. Double left hook to the body comes from Lozada. Pedraza bounces around and leads with a right hand that lands. Counter right hand lands for Pedraza as Lozada lands a jab. Lozada stands in and tries to impose his considerable height and length on Pedraza — he looks like a goddamn 6-foot lightweight! Counter body shot lands for Pedraza but Lozada comes back with a dozen more punches in response. Sharp jab lands for Pedraza. I think Lozada takes the opening round. Lozada 10-9.

Round 2: Pedraza leads with two body shots but Lozada comes right back and wants to throw a flurry of punches. Sharp counter right lands for Pedraza who continues to switch between an orthodox and southpaw stance. Pedraza lands a left to the body from the right handed position, then lands two left hands to the body. Pedraza is getting his rhythm now and starting to be more effective. Pedraza misses on a counter right hand as he backs up along the ropes. Lozada throws a couple more punches but walks into a left hook. Pedraza lands a combination and steps to his right. Pedraza stabs to the body with a few more well placed body shots. Pedraza 10-9, 19-19.

Round 3: Lozada comes out on the attack but Pedraza uses some good footwork to evade Lozada’s attack. Now Pedraza uses some more lateral movement and stops and pops a few punches. Lozada couldn’t give a shit what Pedraza’s doing, he’s just looking to come forward and throw punches. Pedraza lands a solid left to the body from a southpaw stance. Another hard left lands to the body for Pedraza. Uppercut lands for Lozada as Pedraza gets in a short right hand. Nice counter left lands upstairs for Pedraza. Pedraza lays on the ropes and lands several solid counters as Lozada attacks. Pedraza 10-9.

Round 4: Two hard body shots lands for Lozada, who is getting even more aggressive than he has been. Lozada steps in and walks into a combination from Pedraza. Lozada continues to throw punches with both hands but his shots aren’t as effective or clean as Pedraza. Pedraza counters with a three punch combination after he rolls some shots from Lozada. Pedraza is comfortable just changing up his attack on the fly, even as he’s being pressured by the taller fighter. Right hand lands for Lozada. Clean jab lands for Pedraza who then ducks the counter from Lozada. Counter right lands for Pedraza this time. Yet another right hand lands for Pedraza, and Lozada responds with a wild sweeping right hook that misses badly. Pedraza 10-9, 39-37.

Round 5: Lozada comes out pressing again as Pedraza slides to his left. Pedraza covers his body as Lozada whacks with a number of left hooks in succession that get blocked. Pedraza has been doing his Floyd Mayweather impression tonight, rolling his shoulder and countering Lozada’s attacks on the ropes. Jabs come from Pedraza as he steps to his left. Body shot lands for Pedraza, then a straight right upstairs. Lozada misses on two long shots but then gets in a few short uppercuts that make some contact. Lozada throws a number of punches that miss and Pedraza counters back with clean shots. Pedraza 10-9.

Round 6: Counter right partially lands for Pedraza to start the round. Right hand lands this time for Lozada as Pedraza makes a mistake with his shoulder roll defense. Counter right uppercut lands to the body for Pedraza with his back along the ropes. Another right body shot lands for Pedraza, but he hasn’t seemed to make a dent in Lozada yet, who just keeps on throwing. Lozada has a good motor but he’s making Pedraza look like Pernell Whitaker in there. Now Lozada lands some grazing blows at least with Pedraza on the ropes. Pedraza rattles off a number of punches to the body and his clean shots are winning him these rounds. Hard counter left lands for Pedraza to end the round. Pedraza 10-9, 59-55.

Round 7: Lozada comes out on the attack but once again walks into a Pedraza counter. Left to the body lands for Lozada, then a right as Pedraza covers up tight. Counter left falls short for Pedraza this time and Lozada jumps at the opening to flurry to the body. Now Pedraza is pushing Lozada back using his head in a questionable manner, and the referee gives him some words about it. Pedraza walks Lozada back and bobs his head as he looks to throw a combination to the body and head. Pedraza continues to push Lozada back but Lozada gets enough space to lands a counter right to head and it looks like Pedraza has a mouse under his left eye. Low blow lands for Pedraza and the referee calls a timeout to give Lozada a quick break before resuming the action, but the round is over. Pedraza 10-9.

Round 8: Pedraza counters quickly, anticipating Lozada’s attack. Check right hook lands for Pedraza from the southpaw stance. Pedraza thinks he has Lozada hury and tees off with a long combination! Lozada weathers the storm and lands a left hand, Pedraza gets in a right. Hard left to the body lands to the body for Pedraza again. Counter left lands for Pedraza. Lozada throws two hooks to the body but can’t maintain his preferred distance. Pedraza has been switching stances fluidly all fight, and having his way with Pedraza from both stances. Hard counter lands to the body for Pedraza and Lozada gives him a nod. Lozada might be just about ready to go. Pedraza 10-9, 79-73.

Round 9: Right hand lands for Pedraza to start the round. Jab lands for Pedraza at range. Quick timeout is called by the referee as Lozada forgot his mouthpiece to start this round. Jab lands for Pedraza, and now Lozada has something falling off Lozada’s shorts which the referee rips off. Counter uppercut lands for Pedraza. Now Pedraza lands a left hook upstairs. Hard left lands to the body for Pedraza. Lozada misses on several more punches, then takes a counter from Pedraza that puts him down! Lozada gets up at 9 but eats a sfew shots from Pedraza who is going to close the show! Lozada’s father/trainer jumps on the apron to throw in the towel. It’s over! Pedraza TKO-9.

Tonight at 10:00 pm ET on ESPN, Masayuki Ito defends the WBO 130-pound title against Jamel Herring in the main event from Kissimmee, Florida, and we’ll be here with live coverage and results.

Wil Esco will be on the round-by-round call for the main card beginning at 10, and there will also be live streaming prelim action on ESPN+ starting at 6:30 pm ET, featuring some good prospects in action. Full lineup is at the bottom.

In the ESPN co-feature, former two-division titleholder Jose Pedraza returns against Antonio Lozada Jr.

Here’s the full card including the prelims:

ESPN+ (6:30 pm ET)

  • Jeyvier Cintron (10-0, 5 KO) vs Koki Eto (24-4-1, 19 KO), super flyweights, 10 rounds
  • Adam Lopez (12-1, 5 KO) vs Jean Carlos Rivera (15-1, 10 KO), featherweights, 10 rounds
  • Henry Lebron (8-0, 6 KO) vs Luis Ruiz Lizarraga Jr (6-12-1, 2 KO), super featherweights, 6 rounds
  • Marco Diaz (1-0, 1 KO) vs Edgard Figueroa (3-1, 1 KO), featherweights, 4 rounds
  • Orlando Gonzalez (10-0, 7 KO) vs Roxberg Riley (13-1, 7 KO), featherweights, 6 rounds
  • Steve Nelson (13-0, 10 KO) vs Victor Darocha (8-4-1, 6 KO), light heavyweights, 8 rounds
  • Carlos Cuadras (37-3-1, 27 KO) vs Daniel Lozano (15-6, 11 KO), bantamweights, 8 rounds
  • Antonio Vargas (10-0, 4 KO) vs Jose Cardenas (16-4, 13 KO), bantamweights, 8 rounds
  • Edgar Berlanga (10-0, 10 KO) vs Gyorgy Varju (7-4, 4 KO), middleweights, 6 rounds

ESPN (10:00 pm ET)

  • Masayuki Ito (25-1-1, 13 KO) vs Jamel Herring (19-2, 10 KO), super featherweights, 12 rounds
  • Jose Pedraza (25-2, 12 KO) vs Antonio Lozada Jr (40-2-1, 34 KO), lightweights, 10 rounds

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