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Eric Gomez: Gennady Golovkin can’t rest until he gets one more crack at Canelo Alvarez

Gomez says both fighters have a desire to square-off once again.

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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

With unified middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez set take on IBF champion Daniel Jacobs tomorrow night on DAZN, Golden Boy president Eric Gomez let’s it be known that Canelo does in fact have an interest in taking on Gennady Golovkin for a third time. So make of this what you will, but there’s been a bit of double-talk from Golden Boy on this front — saying at one moment they want to hold a third fight but also saying they want Golovkin to go recapture a major world title first before doing so.

But with Gomez speaking his piece, he tells Sky Sports that both fighters want the third fight and that he believes Golovkin is a bit restless, unable to walk away from the sport until he gets one more chance to right a perceived wrong.

“I think there’s an equal desire,” Gomez added. “Golovkin is a fighter that also believes in history and he’s got a lot of pride. He can’t retire without having one more crack at Canelo.

“That’s what has made Golovkin a great champion, is that he also wants to fight the best and he’s got that inner fire in him that won’t let him rest until he has at least one more chance to prove that he can beat Canelo.”

To many fans Golovkin has already proven that he can beat Canelo in their first two fights, but he’s yet to tally an official win in the record books. And because a third fight between Canelo and Golovkin still may be the most commercially viable fight to make in boxing, and considering the money DAZN has spent on acquiring both fighters for their platform, you can be rest assured that DAZN will be doing all that they can behind the scenes to make it happen.

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