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Canelo vs Jacobs: Live results, discussion, round by round

Fight night is here for Canelo Alvarez and Daniel Jacobs.

Canelo Alvarez v Daniel Jacobs - Weigh-in Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images




Round 1: Canelo comes out to center ring as Jacobs takes his measure from range. Canelo throws a half-hearted jab. Neither fighter wants to commit to leading early. Canelo throws a lead hook that doesn’t land. Jacobs tries a jab to the body. Jacobs scores with a right hand to the body. Now Canelo lands a right hand downstairs. Canelo is pressing forward and Jacobs tries to meet him with a jab that Canelo catches. Right hand to the body comes from Canelo. Jacobs throws a short combination that doesn’t make much contact. Jacobs pokes with a jab and there’s not much action separating the two. Gun to my head I’ll edge it to Canelo. Canelo 10-9.

Round 2: Jab lands for Canelo to open the round. Jacobs ties three punches but he doesn’t make much contact. Canelo tries to track Jacobs down and throws a left hook that Jacobs blocks. Jacobs pokes to the body but takes a harder jab back from Canelo. Another jab lands clean for Canelo. Both fighters trade hooks but Canelo’s lands a little better. Jacobs lands two punches to the body this time. Right hand upstairs lands for Canelo, then a straight right to the body. Jab lands for Canelo but Jacobs lands a three punch combination. Canelo misses on his attack with three punches and Jacobs moves to the side. Canelo lands a jab before the bell. Canelo 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Canelo steps forward behind a jab but it doesn’t land. Jacobs leads with the right hand but he can’t make contact either. Canelo is stalking Jacobs around the ring and lands a right hand to the body. Now Canelo lands a left to the body and he follows it up with a combination that Jacobs effectively rolls along the ropes. Canelo walks forward and backs Jacobs up before Jacobs lets go a flurry of punches. Jacobs pokes with a jab to the body. Canelo lands a jab and Jacobs comes back with with a couple of left hands to the body. Double left hand from Jacobs clips Canelo upstairs. Jacobs throws a combination at the end of the round that misses. I think Jacobs takes this round. Jacobs 10-9.

Round 4: Canelo leads with a jab that makes contact. Now Canelo lands a clean jab to follow that up. Canelo ducks low and leads with a left hook that partially lands to the head. Jacobs throws a jab and then a right hand but Canelo is able to evade the punches. Canelo throws three punches that Jacobs is able to block. Canelo walks Jacobs down and tries to land a big shot. Jacobs fends him off with a jab but then he eats a shot from Canelo. Canelo slips several head shots from Jacobs and then lands clean jabs on Jacobs. Canelo is out-jabbing Jacobs in this fight. Another jab lands for Canelo who slips an entire combination from Jacobs. Canelo 10-9, 39-37.

Round 5: Canelo throws some sharp jabs that has Jacobs leaning back. Jacobs misses on a three punch combination. Canelo gets low and moves his head from side to side and walks forward on Jacobs, who is having a real hard time finding a place to land a punch. Canelo throws three punches but only makes contact with one blow. Jab lands for Canelo. now the fighters trade jabs. Canelo throws more jabs and backs Jacobs to the ropes. Right hand from Alvarez backs Jacobs up. Hard left to the body lands for Canelo. Canelo 10-9.

Round 6: Canelo leads with a jab that doesn’t find the target. Jacobs pokes with a couple of jabs that don’t land well. Jacobs throws a combination but can’t effectively land anything, you’d think Canelo was Houdini in the ring. Right hand from Canelo falls short as Jacobs tries to go southpaw aw he circles clockwise. Straight left partially lands for Jacobs. Right hand lead from Canelo lands to the body. RIght hand lead lands for Canelo and moves Jacobs backwards again. Canelo 10-9, 59-55.

Round 7: Canelo presses forward and gets Jacobs to the ropes before unleashing a flurry of punches but Jacobs retreats to the other side of the ring. Left to the body partially lands for Canelo. Canelo throws more punches with Jacobs on the ropes. Jacobs tries to stick out his jab from a southpaw stance but doesn’t land it well. Canelo lands a shot as Jacobs returns a right hand that Canelo rolls with his head. Jacobs tries to whack at Canelo but Canelo defends the punches well. Canelo stalks but falls into a clinch with Jacobs. Canelo is in control. Canelo 10-9.

Round 8: Canelo continues to use his head movement to precent Jacobs from finding a clear target. Jacobs throws a number of jabs but he’s having real difficulty finding a home for it. Left hook lands for Canelo. Jacobs partially lands a right uppercut on the inside, then stands in and works to the body and head with punches. Canelo fires back and gets in a right hand to the body. Jacobs stabs to the body again, then lands a short left hand to the head and body to end the round. Jacobs 10-9, 74-78.

Round 9: Canelo walks forward and Jacobs goes back to his southpaw stance. Jacobs misses on a right hand and then partially lands a left to the body. Canelo lands a right to the body. Canelo throws to big shots to the body and Jacobs is forced back to the ropes. Jacobs holds and turns back to center ring. Clean let hand lands upstairs for Canelo, who follows it up with three more punches that make contact. Jacobs lands a hard shot now! Jacobs is back to orthodox and probes with his jab but nothing lands. Canelo 10-9.

Round 10: Canelo stalks forward and gets in a short left hand to the head. Now Canelo lands a left jab to the head before coming forward with three punches that don’t land. Jacobs turns Canelo and goes on the attack with a few shots. Left hand from Canelo lands as Jacobs lands a right hand. Jacobs misses on a few punches but now comes forward and throws a combination but Canelo defends the punches well. Clean shotgun jab lands for Canelo. Canelo 10-9, 98-92.

Round 11: Canelo comes forward on the hunt and Jacobs tries to throw a couple long punches but Canelo is getting off first. Jacobs throws a short combination of punches and lands a few to the body. Jacobs turns southpaw again which I don’t think he’s had much success with in this fight. Right hand lead lands for Canelo. Jacobs walks forward and throws short shot on the inside. Jacobs walks forward and throws a combination while Canelo has his back along the ropes. Right hand lead lands for Canelo but I think Jacobs outworked him here. Jacobs 10-9.

Round 12: Jacobs starts with a jab but Canelo gets him with a Hook. Jacobs throws some shots but the misses on a big punch and falls to the canvas. The referee calls a timeout to wipe a wet spot in the middle of the ring. Jab lands for Canelo. Jacobs lands a counter right hand. Two hard body shots lands for Canelo. Jacobs tries to respond with a flurry and pushes Canelo to the ropes. Canelo throws several hard shots to force his way back to center ring and lands a right hand upstairs. Canelo lands a uppercut on the inside. Jacobs comes forward and throws his left hand a few times but he gets smothered by Canelo. Jac lands for Canelo. Right hand lands for Canelo but Jacobs fires back until they clinch at the final bell. Canelo 10-9. I’ve got it a clear win for Canelo 117-111.


Round 1: Herrera comes out with a number of feints as his circles to the left. Now Herrera throws three punches that don’t have much power on them. Herrera bounces to both sides and then sticks a jab as Ortiz covers up. Ortiz is taking a very reserved approach to start this opening round. Jab lands for Ortiz. Jab lands for Herrera to the body. Now Ortiz lands a hard shot upstairs. Right hand to the body partially lands for Ortiz, who now gets in a chopping right hand as Herrera tries to duck down. Ortiz 10-9.

Round 2: Herrera throws a jab that falls short. Ortiz comes forward behind a big right hand that just misses. Three jabs come from Herrera but Ortiz gets in one bigger shot. Right hand from Ortiz just whiffs past Herrera’s chin and the fighters fall into a clinch. Jab lands for Ortiz, who then steps in with a right hand as he pivots around Herrera. Clean jab lands for Ortiz. Counter right hand lands for Ortiz. Herrera goes down on a push. Ortiz lands a hard right hand that badly hurts Herrera! Ortiz goes wild with punches and puts Herrera down at the bell! Herrera can’t be saved by the bell but makes it to his feet to continue. Ortiz 10-8, 20-17.

Round 3: Ortiz comes out on the hunt and backs Herrera to the ropes and lands a hard left hook. HARD RIGHT HAND KNOCKS HERRERA OUT ON HIS FEET AND HE SLOWLY TUMBLES OVER LIKE A TREE IN THE WOODS! IT’S OVER! Ortiz KO-3.


Round 1: Diaz slips a quick jab from Fonseca. Diaz falls short on his jab but slips Fonseca’s again. Jab from Fonseca makes partial contact now. Diaz lands his jab now and then sticks it down to the body. Three hard left hands land for Doaz, who then lands a solid straight left to the body. Right hook makes contact upstairs for Diaz. Now Diaz rattles off another combination on Fonseca. Hard left to the body lands for Diaz again. Fonseca is having a little trouble early dealing with Diaz’s explosiveness. Three punches come from Diaz and make partial contact. Fonseca tries a left to the body but it’s not nearly enough. Diaz 10-9.

Round 2: Diaz parries a jab from Fonseca to start the round. Diaz steps forward and lands a right hook to the body. Fonseca tries an overhand left but Diaz rolls the punch. Straight left to the body misses for Diaz. Diaz tries two more lefts upstairs that don’t find the mark. Now Diaz whips three more left hands and they all land on Fonseca! Diaz lands another hard shot to the body, followed by a solid left to the body. Counter left hand lands for Diaz, who now starts snapping jabs upstairs. Hard left to the body lands downstairs, followed by another left hook that grazes Fonseca upstairs. Diaz 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Diaz lands a jab upstairs. Now Diaz steps forward behind a few more jabs and lands a right hook to the body. Now Diaz rattles off a three punch combination to the body and head. Fonseca throws two punches but pays for it but taking shots from every direction. Hard right hook lands to the body for Diaz, then another! Diaz is landing some really wicked body shots with good leverage. Hard right hook lands upstairs for Diaz. Diaz is giving Fonseca a beating. Another right hook lands to the body for Diaz. Another right hook clips Fonseca. Diaz 10-9.

Round 4: Right hook comes from Fonseca to open the round. Diaz lands a straight left hand to the body., who is outlanding Fonseca with power punches by a wide margin. Right hook to the body lands for Fonseca. Diaz tries a jab to the body but misses, then steps forward behind a straight left upstairs that tags Fonseca. Diaz slips a few punches from Fonseca and then lands a couple of blows. Combination comes from Diaz again who has Fonseca on the defensive. Diaz 10-9, 40-36.

Round 5: Diaz leads the round with a combination. Fonseca throws a short combination of his own. Diaz backs Fonseca up with a left hand. Now Diaz lands another left to the body. Two hard body shots land for Diaz. Diaz goes right back down to the body with another straight left hand, then slips a couple of jabs from Fonseca. Fonseca throws a couple of touching punches but he doesn’t have any power that Diaz feels a need to respect. Left hand lands upstairs for Diaz. Diaz has landed more body shots than Fonseca has landed total! Diaz slips a couple of blows from Fonseca at the bell. Diaz 10-9.

Round 6: Fonseca flicks out a few punches that have nothing on them and Diaz calmly slips them and lands a hard left hand across Fonseca’s chin. Fonseca has been holding up amazingly considering the number of clean, hard shots he’s taken. Now DIaz lands a few more of those hard shots and strafes Fonseca right at center ring. Right hook lands to the body for Fonseca. Now Diaz lands an uppercut on the inside. Right hook lands clean for Diaz, then another uppercut. Diaz has landed every punch in the book. Another flurry of punches rattle Fonseca’s head around and Fonseca falls to the canvas. Fonseca beats the count and eats another left hand before the bell. Diaz 10-8.

Round 7: Left hand lands to the body for Diaz. Two more shots land for Diaz at center ring. Counter left hand lands for Diaz, then a body shot, then a head shot. I don’t know how much more we really need to see here, this contest has long since been decided. Left uppercut lands to the body for Diaz. Jab and straight left hand lands for Diaz. Two hard shots land for Diaz and Fonseca’s corner throws in the towel! Diaz TKO-7.


Round 1: Oquendo paws with a few jabs before throwing a solid one to the body. Roach pops a jab that Oquendo catches on the gloves. Now Roach throws a jab to the body. Oquendo just misses on an overhand right. Roach steps inside and lands a right hand to the body. Counter right hand partially lands for Roach. Check hook lands for Roach. Two body shots land for Roach but Oquendo comes back forward with a few shots and clips Roach good! Roach holds on to force a break. Oquendo gets warned for hitting behind the head. Nice left to the body lands for Oquendo. Another left to the body lands for Oquendo. I think Oquendo takes this round. Oquendo 10-9.

Round 2: Both fighters trade shots as they stand in close at center ring. Clean right hand lands for Oquendo Another right hand lands for Oquendo. Roach gets in a short uppercut on the inside. Oquendo charges forward with a combination that backs Roach to the ropes. Roach tries a counter right hand that just misses. Roach throws two jabs that miss but ducks the return fire from Oquendo. Now Oquendo goes back down to the body with a left hand. Roach throws a quick combination and lands a right hand upstairs. Roach looks like he’s bleeding from his nose. I’m going to slighty edge this round to Oquendo too as the effective aggression, even though Roach had some moments. Oquendo 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Roach lands a quick jab to open the round. Oquendo rushes in and crowds Roach so he can make this a scrap than boxing match. Roach lands a short left hand on the inside. Oquendo lands another left to the body, Roach lands a right hand upstairs. Hard left to the body comes from Roach. Oquendo continues to come forward but Roach spins him on the ropes to turn the tables momentarily. Chopping right hands come from Roach as Oquendo gets warned for holding. Roach lands a clean body shot after the referee’s lecture. Counter right partially lands for Roach. Roach 10-9.

Round 4: Oquendo presses forward but Roach is able to step to the side and circle back to center ring. Roach and Oquendo trade a couple of short shots on the inside. Two short body shots come from Roach as he’s positioning Oquendo to the ropes. Oquendo lands a hard body shot that hurts Roach, who tries to hold on to regain his composure. Roach backs up to the ropes again. Two body shots come from Roach now. Oquendo comes right back forward and throws punches wherever he can land them. Counter right hand lands for Roach. I’m going with Oquendo here because he visibly hurt Roach in the round. Oquendo 10-9, 39-37.

Round 5: Roach throws a few jabs but he can’t keep Oquendo from bearing down on him, landing a left hook to the chin. Now Roach lands a cuffing right hand that Oquendo complains was behind the head but Roach tries to capitalize and jump back on him. Counter right hand lands for Roach. Oquendo presses forward but Roach throws a check hook. Now Roach lands a counter right uppercut. Check hook lands for Roach. Roach has done a better job at keeping Oquendo from landing damaging shots. Roach 10-9.

Round 6: Oquendo comes forward and roughs Roach up with a flurry of glancing punches to the head and body. Short uppercut on the inside lands for Oquendo. The fighters stand in close quarters but Oquendo is more active in these situations. Oquendo backs Roach to the ropes as he tries to time a right hand counter. Oquendo throws another long combination of punches and lands a good body shot. Oquendo 10-9, 58-56.

Round 7: Right hand from Roach just misses. Now Roach tries to sit down on a left hook designed to stop Oquendo in his tracks, but just misses. Overhand right lands for Oquendo. Roach throws a couple shots on the inside but Oquendo responds with some of his own. Hard left to the body lands for Oquendo. Counter left uppercut lands for Roach, catching Oquendo walking in. Oquendo presses forward again and eats a short shot from Roach. Counter right hand lands again. I think Roach edged this round out down the stretch. Roach 10-9.

Round 8: Oquendo presses forward and partially lands a right hand. Now Oquendo gets a point taken away from the referee for the use of his head — not sure if that was justified. Oquendo walks forward and lands a right hand upstairs. Oquendo touches Roach to the body once he gets him to the ropes. Left hook lands for Roach. Now Oquendo lands a short punch on the inside. Left to the body lands for Roach. Counter lands for Roach before the bell. 10-8 Roach with the point deduction, 76-75.

Round 9: Oquendo comes right after Roach and gets him to the ropes and tries to work both hands on the inside. Both fighters wind up in a clinch but Oquendo comes back quick and throws two shots but completely tanks a perfectly landed uppercut from Roach on the chin. Hard shots land from Roach during a rare aggressive sequence from Roach. Oquendo comes back forward but Roach sneaks in shot body shots. Oquendo comes forward again but isn’t landing his punches as effectively anymore which is the difference. Roach 10-9.

Round 10: Oquendo needs knockdowns or a knockout to win on my card with the point deduction earlier. Bother fighters trade power shots to open the round. Oquendo jumps in with a left hook that just misses. Oquendo thows a right to the body on the inside. Oquendo walks in and throws a couple right hands in the clinch. Oquendo comes forward some more and gets another warning from the referee about using his head in the clinch. Left hook lands for Oquendo, Roach gets in a clean hook himself. Chopping right hand from Roach partially lands. Right hand lands for Oquendo before the bell. Oquendo 10-9. I’ve got it scored 95-94 for Roach, with the point deduction making the difference.

Tonight beginning at 6:00 pm ET, Bad Left Hook will be your home for full live coverage of the Canelo vs Jacobs event from Las Vegas, which streams live on DAZN in the United States and airs on Sky Sports in the United Kingdom and Canal Space in Latin America.

We’ll be here with as-they-happen results updates beginning with the prelim fights, and then full round-by-round coverage for the main card starting at 9:00 pm ET. Canelo vs Jacobs should be in the ring no earlier than 11:30 pm ET, probably closer to Midnight ET.

Wil Esco will handle the round-by-round duties for the four main fights. So join us tonight for what is the biggest fight date of the year thus far!

Here’s the full run order for the show.

Prelims #1 (Facebook/regional sports networks, 6:00 pm ET)

  • Alexis Espino (1-0, 1 KO) vs Billy Wagner (1-0, 0 KO), super middleweights, 4 rounds
  • Aram Avagyan (8-0-1, 4 KO) vs Francisco Esparza (9-0-1, 3 KO), featherweights, 10 rounds

Prelims #2 (DAZN, 7:30 pm ET)

  • John Ryder (27-4, 15 KO) vs Bilal Akkawy (20-0-1, 16 KO), super middleweights, 12 rounds
  • Sadam Ali (27-2, 14 KO) vs Anthony Young (20-2, 7 KO), welterweights, 10 rounds

Main card (DAZN, 9:00 pm ET)

  • Lamont Roach Jr (18-0-1, 7 KO) vs Jonathan Oquendo (30-5, 19 KO), super featherweights, 10 rounds
  • Joseph Diaz Jr (28-1, 14 KO) vs Freddy Fonseca (26-2-1, 17 KO), super featherweights, 12 rounds
  • Vergil Ortiz Jr (12-0, 12 KO) vs Mauricio Herrera (24-8, 7 KO), welterweights, 10 rounds
  • Canelo Alvarez (51-1-2, 35 KO) vs Daniel Jacobs (35-2, 29 KO), middleweights, 12 rounds

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