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Was signing Demetrius Andrade a mistake by DAZN?

Demetrius Andrade is a very good fighter, which is exactly what potentially makes him a middleweight bogeyman for Canelo and GGG.

Demetrius Andrade v Artur Akavov Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Far be it from me to, outside looking in, to tell Eddie Hearn and the DAZN crew that they might have made a misstep when they signed Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade into the fold.

But I kinda think maybe they did.

Hear me out.

Demetrius Andrade deserves to be signed to the DAZN mix. Very, vert talented guy. But in a way, he’s too talented. That’s because his ring generalship and skill set are top level, but his profile isn’t at the same level.

Thus, if you are Team Canelo or Team Golovkin, you look hard at Andrade and that WBO 160-pound crown he has — and then I think you look elsewhere.

Now you in the Boo Boo crew can hurl epithets and cast angry glares at the Canelo and GGG teams. But if you think about it, can you really blame them?

This is the boxing business, after all. And the risk-reward proposition for an Andrade fight is not in the ballpark of a bunch of other matches for either Canelo or GGG.

Furthermore, as a style match, Canelo vs Andrade is not a fan friendly pairing. It turned out that Canelo vs Jacobs wasn’t so much, and I think moving forward, that could be an issue for DAZN. Again, think about it: Canelo has now emerged as quite a skilled pugilist. His defense is top-notch and he’s not prone to trading and taking risks. If you’ve seen Andrade, you know the same can be said of him.

Often times, merit wins out and these sorts of fights get made, even though they don’t promise to be barnburners, and are most likely to be enthused about by those who truly appreciate the subtleties of the sweet science.

Anyway, Andrade has a gig lined up, as the 27-0 Rhode Island native battles Maciej Sulecki on June 29, at the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island.

A thought: it might be better for Andrade, age 31, if he turns in a subpar performance, if Suliecki buzzes him or what have you. Boxing is a strange game — sometimes you gain more from a less glimmering outing.

Bottom line, I do wonder this: does Eddie Hearn ever wish he’d not approached Andrade and had him come aboard? Because the particular nature of his talents makes him a bogeyman, and that bogeyman can only be avoided for so long. Yep, boxing is weird — only in this sphere does it make it harder when you have too much talent under the tent.

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