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Tyson Fury: Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz were two bums fighting each other

Tyson Fury continues to downplay every heavweight who’s not Tyson Fury.

In this media scrum caught by Fight Hub TV, Tyson Fury talks a little about this weekend’s fight with Tom Schwarz and gives a quick thought about what we saw with Anthony Joshua’s huge upset loss to Andy Ruiz. Check out some excerpts below...

On if he’s taking Tom Schwarz seriously:

“I always take the opponent seriously. I don’t overlook anybody, trained really hard for Tom, and we’re gonna have a great night of boxing on Saturday night.”

On he if would advise Schwarz to not attempt to outbox him:

“I don’t know, do the best you can. Quick knockout if you can. Let’s give the fans some fireworks and action.”

On if we can expect to see a more aggressive version of himself in this fight:

“Whatever type of fight Tom wants, he can have. If he wants a boxing match or he wants a war, I’ll oblige.”

On if it’s important for him to score a knockout in a showcase fight of this kind:

“No, no, no. You know what? The winning is not important to me, I always win anyway, so it’s about enjoying meself and performing well, that’s it. That’s all I care about.”

On what he thought of Anthony Joshua vs. Andy Ruiz:

“I thought it was two bums fighting each other.

“I’m not here to talk about anybody else. This is Tyson Fury fight week. I’m not here to talk about other people’s losses or downfalls. No interest.”

On if we’ll see his double-feint move:

“Hopefully. Double feint, right hand, elbow, headbutt — over. See ya in a bit.”

On what kind of challenges he thinks Schwarz will present:

“I have no idea, I have no interest. The only thing I’m [looking] for is Tom Schwarz’s blood on my gloves. That’s it.”

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