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Mikey, Danny Garcia “reach deal” for fall bout at welterweight

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The fight will be Mikey’s second at 147 pounds

Danny Garcia v Adrian Granados Photo by Yong Teck Lim/Getty Images

Well, looks like it won’t be an August 31st FOX PPV at Staples Center after all. According to Mike Coppinger of The Athletic, Mikey and Danny Garcia have come to terms tor a fall matchup at 147 pounds. No word yet on a specific date or location, but I think August 31st is still technically summer, so that can be ruled out.

Mikey (39-1, 30 KO) failed to win a single round against Errol Spence in his first bout at welterweight, but Danny (35-2, 21 KO) is a fundamentally different fighter, one who’s struggled with opponents that can force him back or just stay out of his line of fire. Danny’s power is a hell of an equalizer, though; Adrian Granados had never been stopped before facing “Swift” and Garcia straight-up mauled him.

The way I see it, Danny’s more beatable than Spence, but has a bigger chance of doing real damage to Mikey if he connects. Should be plenty fun to watch, though.