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Briedis vs Glowacki / Dorticos vs Tabiti: Live round by round results and discussion

The WBSS cruiserweight semifinals are live today from Latvia.

World Boxing Super Series




Round 1: Glowacki presses forward and misses on a long left hand to the body. Briedis bounces around a little as he tries to get Glowacki’s measure. Straight left hand misses upstairs for Glowacki. Jab lands clean for Briedis at center ring. Glowacki tries to counter with a left hand but it falls short. Right hand to the body scores for Briedis. Now Glowacki lands a couple of glancing shots upstairs. Left hand from Glowacki falls short again, Briedis lands a short right. I’m going to edge this round to Glowacki just off of his aggression while not much else happened. Glowacki 10-9.

Round 2: Glowacki presses forward and partially lands a left hand upstairs. Briedis lands a right hand in return. Both fighters try to trade but end up in a clinch. Left hand lead falls short for Glowacki again. Right hand lands downstairs for Briedis. Briedis tries to manipulate Glowacki’s guard and gets in a right hand, then partially lands another. Short right hand lands downstairs for Briedis. Now Briedis lands a short left hook as he pivots to his left. Glowacki lands a shot behind the head, Briedis responds with an elbow to the head and Glowacki collapses down to the canvas. WOW! That was ridiculous. Briedis gets a point deducted. Briedis comes out and lands a monster right hook that puts Glowacki down hard! Glowacki gets up but he’s hurt! What a crazy round! The bell has been ringing but the fighters keep throwing and the referee doesn’t stop them! Now Briedis lands another shot that puts Glowacki down again, about 10 seconds after the bell. THIS IS MADNESS! NOBODY KNOWS WHAT’S HAPPENING BUT THE REFEREE COULDN’T HEAR THE BELL. IT WAS RINGING FOREVER! I’VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS. Briedis 10-8.



Round 1: Dorticos paws with a measuring jab and Tabiti snaps a fast one in return. Another jab comes at center ring from Tabiti. Tabiti jabs to the head and body, Dorticos tries to get in one of his own. Hard jab to the body lands for Tabiti, then a sharp jab upstairs. Tabiti bounces around the ring to keep Dorticos from getting his feet set. Clean left hook lands upstairs for Tabiti. Dorticos tries a right hand to the body that doesn and clean, Tabiti gets in one of his own. Dorticos misses on a big straight right hand and then lands one to the body. Jab comes from Tabiti who skips to the side after. I think Tabiti outboxed Dorticos in the opening round. Tabiti 10-9.

Round 2: Dorticos jabs to the head and body to open the round. Tabiti comes back with a couple of jabs of his own as he targets the head and body. Dorticos stalks forward and Tabiti trips on along the ropes and hits the deck. Right hand glances off Tabiti’s guard. Right hand to the body lands for Dorticos. Tabiti comes back with three quick punches and then lays back as he looks for a spot to counter. Both fighters trade jabs and Tabiti steps in to smother a right hand from Dorticos. RIght hand from Dorticos misses upstairs although the crowd likes the effort. Right hand lands to the body for Dorticos. Tabiti throws a jab and lands a right hand downstairs to follow. Dorticos chases Tabiti to the ropes although he can’t manage to land anything. Not a lot of clean action in these opening rounds. Dorticos 10-9, 19-19.

Round 3: Dorticos measures with a couple jabs as Tabiti uses lateral movement around the ring. Tabiti throws a quick combination that partially lands. Dorticos presses Tabiti to the ropes and throws a combination that doesn’t land well. Tabiti is fighting defensively and is keeping Dorticos from landing big shots but his own offense is reserved. Tabiti throws a combination now and lands a clean right hand across the jaw to finish it. That’s the best work of the fight for Tabiti. Tabiti throws two punches and then clinches as he anticipates a Dorticos counter. The referee warns both fighters to keep it clean to avoid head clashes. Dorticos misses on a huge overhand right, Tabiti lands a jab to the body. Dorticos misses on a right hand to the body and is chasing Tabiti, even if not landing well. I’m going to edge this round to Tabiti. Tabiti 10-9.

Round 4: Tabiti’s corner ask for even more lateral movement from him in between rounds. Both fighters trade jabs to open the round, Tabiti’s landed a bit better. Dorticos presses forward and the fighters get into a clinch with Tabiti on the ropes. Left hook from Dorticos gets blocked by Tabiti. Tabiti is content laying back, waiting for Dorticos to make a mistake. Jab lands for Dorticos. Dorticos chases Tabiti and walks into a jab this time. Hard right hand to the body lands for Dorticos. Dorticos tries to follow it up with some overhand rights but can’t land them well. Now Tabiti throws an overhand right that doesn’t land well either. Left to the body lands for Dorticos in the corner. Dorticos tries to keep Tabiti in the corner but Tabiti ties him up for force a break. Dorticos 10-9, 38-38.

Round 5: Dorticos lands a right hand to the body to open the round. Dorticos starts hunting Tabiti down but misses on a combination in the corner. Now Dorticos lands a left hook upstairs. Short uppercut lands for Dorticos on the inside. Tabiti ducks a couple punches and then grabs hold of Dorticos. The referee calls a timeout to talk to both fighters about keeping it clean. Combination from Dorticos misses but he’s clearly the aggressor, even if not always effective. Tabiti just isn’t working enough at this point for my liking. Now Tabiti throws a short combination that glances off Dorticos. Body and head attack comes from Dorticos. Tabiti tries an overhand right but it doesn’t find the mark. It just seems like Tabiti is more concerned with not getting hit with a big shot than he is about winning the fight. Dorticos 10-9.

Round 6: Tabiti lands a jab, then lands one to the body. Right hand lands to the body for Dorticos. Dorticos tries a right hand upstairs that just misses. Tabiti smothers Dorticos next attack but there’s a head clash that give a nasty cut to Dorticos right eye. This fight might be stopped here on the cut. Dorticos says he wants to continue. We’re back in action and Tabiti is bouncing around the ring before unloading a big right hand that misses. A pissed-off Dorticos comes forward and throws a combination to the body and the pushes Tabiti back into the ropes. Tabiti has a pointed taken away for holding. That’s a big problem for him now. Tabiti tries to shoeshine some punches on the inside. Now Tabiti lands a good combination. Dorticos walks through it and presses Tabiti to the ropes again. Dorticos 10-8, 58-55.

Round 7: Dorticos tries to walk Tabiti down but Tabiti meets him with several punches. Left hook partially lands for Dorticos. Tabiti lands two clean shots now and follows it up with a combination to the body and head. Dorticos pushes Tabiti to the ropes and lands a low blow on Tabiti. The referee gives Tabiti five minutes to recover from the shot. Tabiti takes a minute or two and we’re back in action. Doticos starts right away with a hard combination that Tabiti tries to roll. Tabiti throws a good combination that gets Dorticos’ attention. Another combination comes from Tabiti and he’s able to do well when he actually puts his punches together. Tabiti 10-9.

Round 8: Right hand to the body falls just short for Tabiti. Jab lands for Dorticos at center ring. Tabiti lands a right hook hand upstairs. Right to the body lands for Dorticos. Tabiti throws a short combination on the inside but it doesn’t land clean. Left to the body lands for Tabiti, and then another clinch. Another looping right from Tabiti glances off Dorticos. Dorticos throws punches to the body while pushing Tabiti to the ropes. Dorticos 10-9, 77-74.

Round 9: Jab lands for Tabiti to open the round. Dorticos stalks Tabiti and tries to walk him back to the ropes. Right hand from Tabiti partially lands, then a right hand to the body. Tabiti leads with a couple of punches but Dorticos ducks them. One-two comes from Tabiti again and although it doesn’t land, it gets Dorticos to give a little ground. Right hand partially lands for Tabiti again. Hard jab lands for Dorticos. Another cuffing right hand lands for Tabiti, who then gets back on his jab. Clean jab lands upstairs for Tabiti. I like Tabiti in this round. Tabiti 10-9.

Round 10: Dorticos pushes forward behind a few punches and then Tabiti tries to fight Dorticos on the inside with some body punching. Right hand upstairs partially lands for Dorticos. Two jabs land at center ring for Dorticos. Tabiti misses on a right hand. Left hook to the body lands for Tabiti. Dorticos pushes forward some more and ends up in another clinch. Right hand to the body lands for Dorticos, who might be bleeding from his mouth a little. Right hand to the body lands for Tabiti BUT THEN A HUGE HOOK LANDS FOR DORTICOS WHICH KNOCKS TABITI OUT COLD! IT’S OVER! DORTICOS KO-10.

Today at 2 pm ET, DAZN goes live with the World Boxing Super Series cruiserweight tournament semifinals, featuring Mairis Briedis vs Krzysztof Glowacki and Yuniel Dorticos vs Andrew Tabiti, with the winners to meet later this year.

Wil Esco will be here with round-by-round updates for the two main fights, which will likely start around 4 pm ET, though certainly check in before that and make sure.

Here’s the full lineup.

Prelims (DAZN, 2:00 pm ET)

  • Ricards Bolotniks (13-5-1, 5 KO) vs Gasan Gasanov (16-7-1, 13 KO), light heavyweights, 8 rounds
  • Jevgenijs Aleksejevs (10-0, 6 KO) vs Siarhei Khamitski (32-17-3, 14 KO), super middleweights, 6 rounds
  • Nikolajs Grisunins (10-1-1, 5 KO) vs Vaclav Pejsar (14-7, 12 KO), cruiserweights, 6 rounds

Main Card (DAZN, ~4:00 pm ET)

  • Mairis Briedis (25-1, 18 KO) vs Krzysztof Glowack (31-1, 19 KO), cruiserweights, 12 rounds
  • Yuniel Dorticos (23-1, 21 KO) vs Andrew Tabiti (17-0, 13 KO), cruiserweights, 12 rounds

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