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Fury vs Schwarz full fight video highlights: Watch Tyson Fury dominate, sing, and tribute Apollo Creed

Tyson Fury did plenty to entertain tonight, some of it involving fighting for a few minutes.

Tyson Fury v Tom Schwarz Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Tyson Fury did pretty much what was anticipated tonight, cutting through Tom Schwarz like piss through snow, stopping the German in the second round of their ESPN+ main event from Las Vegas.

Since there wasn’t much to the fight itself, let’s talk about some other stuff, too.

All night long, they had the ESPN commentators selling Tyson Fury’s ringwalk as the most amazing thing you were ever going to see in your life, to the point you figured Fury was going to ride in on a lion or something. Then it turned out that he was doing Apollo Creed’s entrance from Rocky IV, which all the same drove Joe Tessitore to climax:

Then after the fight, Fury talked and then sang a terrible Aerosmith ballad, as he likes to do:

As for the fight itself, Fury smashed poor old Tom Schwarz up but good in the second round:

And that is that.

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