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Justin Fortune: Keith Thurman pissed Manny Pacquiao off, Pacquiao wants to KO him

The trainer discusses Pacquiao’s mindset heading into this fight.

In this video clip with strength & conditioning coach Justin Fortune, the trainer gives some insight into Pacquiao’s camp and where his fighter’s head is at for this fight. Check out some excerpts below...

Fortune on how Pacquiao’s conditioning is looking:

“He’s good. He just did a hill run, it was good...he’s a bit jet-lagged but we trained the last three or four weeks in the Philippines so we trained for this, so his conditioning will be very, very good.”

On his thoughts about Thurman’s training clips, hitting the heavybag:

“So what? ‘Cause the bag doesn’t punch back. So everyone looks good on the bag, everyone looks good on mitts.

“Listen, Thurman’s a dangerous guy. He’s a world champion so he’s not to be taken lightly and Pacquiao never takes anybody lightly. We never do because when you fight Manny you fight 10-times better.”

On if he thinks Thurman will get on his bicycle one he feels Pacquiao’s power:

“Yeah. They all do. They all do. Listen, Thurman can’t stay in the pocket with Manny — he’s too fast, he’s too strong. So logically, or fight-wise, if he wants to win this fight, he has to try to box him. We plan for both, so...”

On if Pacquiao has extra motivation by Thurman saying he’ll retire him:

“Yeah, he said some pretty silly stuff. I don’t know why but it is what it is. Yeah, he pissed off Pacquiao. We like it though because he pissed off Manny, it’s better for us. I haven’t seen him this upset for a long time. So he’s not happy, he really wants to knock Thurman out. He said it a couple times...Great, that’s great for us. That’s what you want, ‘cause that sort of Pacquiao is the Pacquiao of old.

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