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IOC suspends AIBA recognition, releases qualification guidelines

AIBA is reportedly all but bankrupt

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Venues Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images

As expected, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has cut ties with the International Boxing Association (AIBA), and as a result, “all aspects of all boxing competitions, including but not limited to any and all qualifying competitions or events for or at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 shall be organised and operated under the authority of the IOC Executive Board.” The IOC also released its qualification guidelines, which you can read by clicking that link.

The bit likely most of interest to you all: the divisions. For the men:

Fly (48 kg to 52 kg)
Feather (52 kg to 57 kg)
Light (57 kg to 63 kg)
Welter (63 kg to 69 kg)
Middle (69 kg to 75 kg)
Light Heavy (75 kg to 81 kg)
Heavy (81 kg to 91 kg)
Super Heavy (91 kg to +91 kg)

For the women:

Fly (48 kg to 51 kg)
Feather (54 kg to 57 kg)
Light (57 kg to 60 kg)
Welter (64 kg to 69 kg)
Middle (69 kg to 75 kg)

The quotas are 186 men and 100 women. Since the lack of AIBA means that the September world championships in Yekaterinburg, Russia no longer count as qualifiers, the IOC will host five from January to May: African, American, Asian/Oceania, European, and World.

AIBA, meanwhile, is down to less than $400,000 in its accounts and recently laid off all but three employees. Prior to the IOC’s ruling, chief executive Tom Virgets declared that the organization would be “insolvent” if cut out of the Olympic loop.

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