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Andrew Cancio: I wasn’t scared this time, I knew I belonged

The result was the same, but Andrew Cancio says the fight was different last night against Alberto Machado.

Andrew Cancio made it 2-for-2 against Alberto Machado on Friday night, stopping Machado in the third round of their rematch main event on DAZN to retain the WBA “world” super featherweight title.

Cancio spoke with media after the fight about getting another win and proving the first was no fluke.

On his approach in the rematch

“Last time I put pressure on him. I showed him the pressure and he didn’t know how to handle it. He came out a lot stronger and a lot faster in the first fight, but the first time I was very timid, trying to fight his fight. He caught me with a couple straight left hands and a hook, but this time around I wasn’t scared, I was ready for it. Once I started landing those body shots and I hurt him, I settled down. I was trying to be too anxious going after him. ... I started feeling he was just one body shot away. I wanted to knock him out to the head, but he has a good chin. He thought I was going in there for the check hook, his body was wide open, his elbow was up, and boom.”

“I respected him but I didn’t respect him. The first time, like I said, I was timid, I was scared. This time, I was calm. I was ready to come out here. Last time was four rounds, this time was three. There’s no excuses.”

On whether he thought Machado was done in the second

“I was trying to knock him out to the head. I started landing them, but I was taking them. I seen the opportunity — once he let me inside, it was going to be hard to keep me off of him. I was gonna go for that check hook, then I just seen it wide open.”

On whether or not the cut changed his demeanor

“A little bit. You could see me wiping it, but after that, it’s no big deal. Another damn scar added to my face. I gotta go back there and get stitched up this time.”

On whether he thought he’d do it quicker this time

“I expected it to be even sooner. I only got stronger in camp. I worked back-to-back training camps with southpaws, I had tremendous sparring. ... These guys helped me get ready and I knew — I had all the confidence in myself. The first time, I didn’t know if I belonged here. Now I know I belong here.”

On how he’ll celebrate

“With some beers, IPAs, baby!”

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