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Freddie Roach: Keith Thurman hits like a girl, Manny Pacquiao will knock him out

Freddie Roach talks Pacquiao-Thurman, coming July 20.

Trainer Freddie Roach is helping prepare Manny Pacquiao for the July 20 FOX pay-per-view showdown with Keith Thurman, as Pacquiao, at 40, looks to win another world title at 147 pounds and keep himself right in the mix at the top of one of boxing’s most star-studded divisions.

On whether he’s seen anything different in camp with Pacquiao

“No, not yet. We’re just on our second day. Manny has suffered a bit from jet lag. Today was a much better day than yesterday, and it’s gonna get better and better as we go and as he gets that jet lag under control. It’s a 16-hour flight from the Philippines, it does happen. We boxed eight rounds yesterday and did six rounds of mitts. Today we did 10 rounds of mitts and I put my chest protector back on just to get him to be able to throw punches like I want them thrown in the fight. Today was a great day.”

On making sure Pacquiao doesn’t over train

“I’ll never let him come into a fight overworked. I want Manny Pacquiao to walk to that ring with the confidence he has, big smile on his face. I know when that happens, he’s ready.”

On Pacquiao being angry at Keith Thurman

“The fire is there. I love when fighters talk about Manny, because Manny takes it to heart, and he’ll make him pay for it. At the press conference, Thurman said a few things about Manny, and Manny just let it go. I had to open my mouth and say, ‘We’re gonna knock you out.’ I thought I was gonna get a response back, but I didn’t.”

On Thurman trading with Pacquiao

“I saw a little video where Manny was hitting the heavy bag, and Thurman was hitting the heavy bag, and it was almost like a man hitting the heavy bag and a girl hitting the heavy bag, and (Thurman) is the girl.”

On Thurman’s recent performances

“His last three fights, you can see he’s faded. He’s lucky to win that last one. He had a very, very poor performance. I know he had an injury and he had time off, but he has no excuses for this one.”

On his prediction for the fight

“I think we’ll knock him out along the way. I think that Manny’s really hungry for a knockout, I’m really hungry for a knockout. We’ve never knocked anyone out at 147, and that’s something we need to do.”

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