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Billy Dib to step in against Amir Khan, July 12

Dib will be taking a big step up in weight to take on Khan.

Well that certainly didn’t take long. Fresh on the heels of the announcement that Neeraj Goyat injured himself in a car accident, forcing him out of his July 12th fight with Amir Khan, it’s already being confirmed that former featherweight Billy Dib (45-5, 26 KOs) will step in as Khan’s replacement opponent.

I mistakenly assumed that the event organizers would gladly substitute in a store brand opponent for Khan. Nope. They’re just going to pick the bones of a greatly undersized opponent instead.

Dib, 33, most recently scored a stoppage of an opponent with a 7-11 record following his unanimous decision loss to Tevin Farmer last summer. Mind you, that fight took place at 130lbs when Dib had previously had his best success at 126lbs. He’ll now be moving all the way up to 147lbs in order to take a beating so that Khan can proclaim ‘I’m back!’ Dib might have a little name value left, but this is just another gross physical mismatch.

In fact, Khan doesn’t even try to hide the fact that Dib is just physically much smaller than him. He’s on social media comparing Dib’s move up in weight to the time that he moved up to take on Canelo Alvarez.

I suppose Khan expects that analogy to reassure fans that this is a worthwhile affair. But perhaps Khan simply doesn’t remember exactly how that fight with Canelo ended, so let us remind him...

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