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Amir Khan-Billy Dib winner to get Top 5 rating by the WBC

Khan might soon find himself right back in the welterweight mix.

Amir Khan Media Access Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

The WBC has been plenty busy this week. The most recent news, following the heartbreak of learning that the new ‘pearl title’ was pulled from the Amir Khan vs. Billy Dib fight in lieu of the ‘international title’, provided some additional icing on the cake.

It’s now being reported that the WBC intend to install the winner of Khan vs. Dib in their Top 5 fighters at welterweight. Now, even ignoring the fact that Khan is currently rate #15 by the WBC, Dib — who obviously isn’t even close to being a real welterweight — isn’t rated at all by the sanctioning body at any weight class. Dib fought for the vacant IBF junior lightweight title against Tevin Farmer last summer, but isn’t even rated by the IBF at this point.

So to think that the winner of this fight could find themselves in a pretty good position to potentially land a world title shot in the near future is pretty amazing. But then again, the WBC never ceases to amaze...

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