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Amir Khan: At least give me the opportunity to have a fair fight with Terence Crawford

Ready for a Friday laugh?

I’m not even going to bother prefacing this interview. Just sit back, read (or watch), and enjoy....

Khan on being upset by the criticism he’s taken for the way his fight with Terence Crawford ended:

“Definitely, I was a little upset. Well I’m very upset, really, to be honest with you. And I just think it’s part of life, you know, you have to come back stronger from it. Honestly I wasn’t in any way ready to continue. Now if I did continue and I was still in a little bit of pain then maybe I would’ve gotten knocked out. You know, end of the day, nothing away from Crawford.

“He’s a great fighter but I just feel that if fight was anywhere else — like in England or in Vegas — I don’t think that would’ve happened.”

On if he thinks he would’ve won the fight had it taken place elsewhere:

“Hundred percent! At least I would’ve had to opportunity to have a rematch with him, at least. I’m not saying if I would won it — even if they had called it a no contest, at least give me the opportunity to have a fair fight with him. It was a low shot. The shot was well below the belt, but it seems that I didn’t get the opportunity or people didn’t really see it that way. And I could feel myself in the fight coming back, I start catching him with some good shots, but he was — look, I’m not saying nothing like I was beating him. The fight was getting closer and I was closing the gap but obviously it ended the way it did.”

On if it was hard for him to leave trainer Virgil Hunter:

“I’ve not left Virgil. Basically what’s happened is, with this new coach obviously, is because I’ve had to make a quick change-around and quick turnaround, and that’s the reason I’ve used ‘Bones’ Adams. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t work with Virgil Hunter, I’d love to work with Virgil Hunter again and also Alex Ariza, I’m working with him again after I think is six years. And I have a great relationship with Tony Brady so to be honest with you, me and Tony still on talking terms — it’s just that they’re busy with other fighters. That’s why I had to make this move.”

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