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Gennady Golovkin feels ‘like a cat, like a tiger’ under new trainer

Golovkin talks about how his training has been progressing leading into Steve Rolls fight

In this video interview with our buddies at Fight Hub TV, Gennady Golovkin talks a few minutes to chat following a workout session, and talks about how he’s feeling under a new trainer in Johnathan Banks.

Golovkin on his training session:

“People need this little bit sweaty, because just, I can’t bring all my secrets or my stuff. You know, If you want to watch real fight, please, don’t miss my fight. Just I show my fans, you know, I healthy. I still, you know, good.”

On him looking strong and fit:

“Grrrr! Thank you, my team.”

On looking quicker and more mobile than he has been in the past:

“Like a cat. Like a tiger...This is boxing. This is boxing stuff, you know, [Banks] brings new skill, you know, like a new level for boxing....He like boxing and I like boxing. Why not? We try, not more power, more punches, we bring a lot more everything.”

On being more than just a seek-and-destroy fighter, and if he believes this change will show that he does have superior boxing skill:

“Marcos, you know, I know what he needs — I want. You know I real understand what he need, just I try. I don’t have a lot of time, just maybe like two weeks and I try, I try. It’s very interesting for me and I’m very happy because I’m still healthy, you know, just, I try. I believe we bring to show.”

On if he’s excited to show a different kind of style in the ring:

“I still more smart, you know, more smart. Just, you know, I have six fights. Just come on, take your time, guys, take it easy. Don’t worry. I go back, just, you know, I’m very happy.”

On being 37-years-old in a young man’s sport and if he still physically feels like young fighter:

“I feel still my power, I feel like everything like 10 years ago and today. Like, I don’t feel like terrible...I feel the same.”

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