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Former Steve Rolls opponent Demond Nicholson doesn’t like Rolls’ chances against Gennadiy Golovkin

Demond Nicholson faced Steve Rolls two years ago, and he doesn’t fancy Rolls’ chances at upsetting GGG.

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Does Steve Rolls have a chance against Gennady Golovkin in a few hours at Madison Square Garden, in Manhattan, live on DAZN?

Sure, in theory he does; that theory got tested and solidified in this very building, just one week ago, when Andy Ruiz showed everyone that the physique doesn’t make the man, and the oddsmakers aren’t gospel. Yep, the underdog now and again bears the fangs, and sinks the teeth into the fanny of the favorite, providing chills and thrills to fans of pugilism.

Rolls, a 19-0 Canadian, possesses a pretty fair left hook to the body, but to be honest, that hook works better on foes of a lesser caliber than Gennadiy Golovkin, who enters this MSG ring with a 38-1-1 record and a point to prove.

He’s got a new trainer, a new spelling of his name, and a desire to show that 37 is but a number, not a jail sentence.

Can Rolls be “Rolly Ruiz” and again give the MSG patrons a “Yes I was there that night!” story for the ages?

Demond Nicholson has stepped to the line against Rolls, and so I asked the affable Nicholson to weigh in. Demond, can Rolls upset Golovkin?

The 26-year-old Laurel, Maryland hitter — who tells me he is bouncing back quite nicely from a kidney issue which had him in the hospital — responded, ”Honestly, I don’t think he does. He dropped me in the first round with a crazy punch,” said Nicholson (21-3-1) of their June 2017 face-off.

”Got my self together in the second. I say I won 5 of 8 but the judges had it a split decision (for Rolls). Thought I pulled it off, but I respect the decision. He’s an OK fighter but still has a lot to learn.”

OK, but does Rolls have a puncher’s chance?

”That he does. Triple G has a good chin though.”


So what about Nicholson?

”I’m doing well, much better, I’m not 100% yet. I will be in a few weeks though, should be back in the gym in July,” he said, speaking on his exit from an undercard bout on the Jarrett Hurd vs Julian Willams card on May 11.

OK, it was dehydration?

”No, sir, it was from just too much training over the year, not taking any breaks. Caused my kidneys to shut down,” he explained, on why he didn’t fight Ernest Amuzu. “It was a lot more serious (than mere dehydration). They were giving me IVs thinking it was dehydration, but the entire time my kidneys were shot. I’m doing much better now! By me being young and in shape, it makes it a lot easier to recover. I’ll be back in the ring by October!”

Noted, and applauded!

So, last word on GGG vs Rolls.

Would you say Rolls has at least a slim chance to pull a Ruiz?

”Yes, slim. GGG is one of the best, Steve is a B-class fighter,” finished Nicholson.

Readers, who of you thinks Rolls can pull a Ruiz? Raise your hand and tell the masses, loud and proud, now!

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