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Brant vs Murata 2 results: Ryota Murata gets emphatic revenge with second round TKO

Ryota Murata thrashed Rob Brant in under two rounds of their rematch.

Rob Brant v Ryota Murata - WBA Middleweight Title Bout Photo by Buddhika Weerasinghe/Getty Images

Ryota Murata was supposed to beat Rob Brant when the two met last October in Las Vegas, but an aggressive Brant pulled off the big upset, claiming the WBA “world” middleweight title via deserved decision.

Nine months later, quite a different story.

The idea that Murata underestimated Brant the first time, or was overconfident, or however you want to put it, will probably be the story after what we saw today. The Japanese star, hosting Brant in Osaka, made short work of the American in the rematch, dropping and stopping Brant in the second round to take the secondary belt back and reestablish himself as a serious player at 160.

Brant (25-2, 17 KO) came out aggressive, just as he had the first time around, but this time Murata (15-2, 12 KO) was more than ready to fire back. In an exciting and highly active first round, Brant was busier, but Murata plowed forward, landing good power shots

The 33-year-old Murata started fast in round two, hurting Brant early. Brant, instead of holding, tried to get on his bike, but Murata stalked him and kept finding the 28-year-old from Minnesota. Brant was repeatedly hurt and on the retreat before he was finally dropped, a dramatic sailing to the canvas.

Brant did get up, but he still showed no ability to hold or really do anything other than try to get away from Murata, who kept pursuing him in Terminator fashion. As Murata delivered tons of punishment, Brant tried his best to stay up, and referee Luis Pabon gave the defending titleholder every chance to fight back, hold, or just plain survive, before finally he had no choice but to step in with Brant just taking too much punishment.

This time around, pretty much everyone thought Brant simply had Murata figured out, was a bad style matchup for him, and would win again. But Murata was on a serious mission today, and he wasn’t going home with anything less than a decisive victory. He battered Brant and emphatically reclaimed his belt, winning even more handily than he was expected to last year.