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Dubois vs Gorman results: Daniel Dubois dominates, stops Nathan Gorman to win British title

It was pretty much one-way action in the highly anticipated battle of prospects.

O2 Arena Boxing Photo by Nick Potts/PA Images via Getty Images

The matchup between British heavyweight prospects Daniel Dubois and Nathan Gorman had a good amount of buzz coming in, and plenty of debate about who would win, as Dubois was seen as perhaps the fighter with the higher ceiling, but Gorman perhaps the more developed boxer.

It turned out to be pretty one-sided, though, with Dubois largely dominating and knocking Gorman out in the fifth round to win the vacant British heavyweight title.

Dubois (12-0, 11 KO) and Gorman (16-1, 11 KO) were relatively even in the first round, which probably could have gone either way, but after that, it was all Dubois. Dubois cut Gorman near the left eyebrow in the second round with a right hand, and dropped him in the third with a flurry of shots that took Gorman’s legs away early in the round.

From there, Gorman was able to survive by throwing wild enough that Dubois had to be cautious about attacking too aggressively, which was certainly effective enough to at least get Gorman through a round that started so badly for him. Dubois clearly took the fourth round, too, however, and then late in the fifth, dropped Gorman a second time on a right hand.

This time, Gorman was much more clearly hurt, and though he got to his feet, he just barely missed beating the count from referee Victor Loughlin, and the official ruling was a knockout at 2:41 of the fifth round.

Dubois, 21, has a ton of upside, absolutely looks the part, has size and power, and his skills are coming along. Gorman, 23, never really has “looked the part,” but that doesn’t always mean much, especially in the heavyweight division. That said, the eye test turned out to be correct in this fight.

Dubois will now probably deal with expectations to move him along faster than his team should, so I anticipate grumbling when he’s not in against top 10 heavyweights in his next couple of fights. He’s still learning, still maturing, and there’s a ton of time for him to move up the ranks on the world stage.

Gorman shouldn’t be counted out. He’s a good boxer, tough, and if it turns out that Dubois is really the real deal, then this is a defeat that may age very well. He, too, is still young with a lot of career ahead of him. Someone had to lose this fight, and it was Gorman who came up well short, but his career didn’t end because he took a legitimate risk early in his career. This could even be a big learning experience for him and make him a better fighter in the long run.

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