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Dillian Whyte-Oscar Rivas winner to get interim WBC title, Deontay Wilder fight by June 2020

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Whyte has been the WBC #1 contender for over 600 days

This Saturday’s London tussle between Dillian Whyte and Oscar Rivas will, as expected, have both the WBC interim heavyweight title and a future crack at champion Deontay Wilder on the line.

Eddie Hearn goes into a bit more detail here.

As Hearn mentions, though the WBC mandates that Wilder face the winner by the end of May 2020, there’s a bit of a timing issue. “The Bronze Bomber” presently has his eyes on rematches with Luis Ortiz and Tyson Fury, the former of which is looking more likely for November than the original planned date of September 28th. Two fights in six months isn’t unreasonable, all things considered, but this is the modern age of boxing.

In any event, Whyte (25-1, 18 KO) is probably the most interesting Wilder foe to not hold a belt at the moment, so I’d be perfectly fine watching the two go at it, and if Rivas (26-0, 18 KO) pulls off the upset, then I’d say he’s earned hsi shot.